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PSA has 100 rds of CCI Mini Mags for $7.99

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    Walmart had them too.....right around the same price
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      Originally posted by C6NY View Post
      I'm still waiting for my Federal .308 Gold Match for weeks now from PSA. I'm done with them. Target is much easier to order from and deliver quickly, worth it for me even if it costs a bit more.
      PSA is bipolar when it comes to the speed by which they send out orders. I ordered the CCI 22LR late on the night of the 24th. I got my shipping notice today with an expected delivery date of this Wednesday the 28th. They either get out an order fairly fast or as slow as molasses running uphill on a cold winter's day.


        My ammo was delivered from PSA to my dealer yesterday. I picked it up today; I walked the 1.2 miles to the dealer with my grandson in his stroller for his first ammo related experience at 9.75 months of age. Strolled home with 2,000 rounds of 22LR in the bottom of the stroller. Hoping to start him off early as a RKBA stalwart. My next order from PSA will probably take weeks to arrive but you never know with them.