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APPLESEED @ LIPSA - April 21 & 22, 2018- PREPARATION

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    APPLESEED @ LIPSA - April 21 & 22, 2018- PREPARATION


    Our Appleseed Shoot at LIPSA, April 21 & 22, 2018 is approaching.
    It's time we started talking about it and have anyone with questions ask them and we'll get them answered.
    Also we're always open to suggestions from our Shooters.

    As stated in the earlier thread we will be taking this event at a SAFE, slower rate then others we've done. The purpose is NOT to burn ourselves out. Be Safe, Learn and enjoy is the plan. If we go too fast we'll all be hurting by the end of Sunday. No rush at this one but we will get it all in.

    This will be an ongoing thread because I know I won't cover (Remember) everything right now.
    So......I'll begin with what I can and we'll be adding as needed.

    Please feel free to add anything you may think of that I left out and also ask any question you may have about anything you're not sure of.
    An Appleseed Event is a Team Event so we'll do this together.

    Keep in mind this is our Patriots Day Shoot.
    This is a very special Appleseed Event.
    We'll be celebrating with the "Memorial Volley" to pay our Respect to those who gave all on April 19, 1775.
    Also I'm planning on some very special "Fun Shoots" to add to our celebration.

    For those who make Rifleman you'll receive not only the "Patch" but will also be awarded our "Patriots Day Patch" and the April 19, 1775 rocker .


    Rifle of choice. Scopes or irons. Rim Fire or Center Fire. Your choice.
    Magazines. 4 would be perfect but 2 are necessary
    Ammo...I'll estimate about 700 rounds for the weekend but it could go a little higher/lower.
    Sling. It's important to have a sling for your Rifle.
    Eye & Ear Protection.
    A Mat
    to lay on. Can be just a piece of old carpet. Doesn't have to be fancy.
    Cleaning Kit. Never hurts to carry one.
    Sight Adjustment Tool for your rifle helps, we share at an Appleseed so someone may have it.
    Chair. Not necessary but will help.
    Small table. Also Not necessary but will help you keep your equipment out of the sand.
    A Pop Up Canopy if you have one. Again not necessary
    A LIGHT lunch. Don't want to fill up and get lazy.
    FLUIDS......Very important to stay hydrated. (Start hydrating the day before)
    Sun Screen is advised. Lets hope we need it.
    Clothing for ANY weather condition. Rain Gear. It's a RAIN OR SHINE EVENT.
    Elbow Pads IF you prefer to use them. They usually do help but not necessary.
    Staple Gun & Staples..but we can share.

    Everyone will need to sign a "Liability Wavier".
    I'll see if I can locate the link for those to be printed out before you arrive. If not we'll get this done upon arrival.
    The new system gives me the ability to print these out with the info you provided when you registered. I'll do that if I can't locate a link for you to get this done. The old link seems to be no longer is available.

    You can also read through this link that give info on "How to Prepare for an Event"...........

    Arrival time at the Range will be 8:00AM

    When you arrive at our area you'll be directed where to park. Please leave EVERYTHING in your vehicles and go to the "Admin Table", hand in your Release Forms and we'll need to collect the Range fee which is $20.00 per day, per shooter.
    Please have the exact amount. You can pay for both days or just the first. We'll collect the second days fee on Sunday.
    HOWEVER, it would make things a lot easier if you would pay for the 2 days on Saturday. Less paper work for us.

    Once you're signed in and issued some material go back to your vehicles and bring your gear to the "Equipment Line".


    Leave them in your vehicles until after the "Safety Briefing".
    We'll let you know when to retrieve them.
    Please DO NOT carry any Pistols on your person. NO pistols are allowed (for safety reasons) on the "Firing Line".

    Instructors will be there to guide everyone through this process but IMO giving you a heads up on how we're going to run this will help everything run a little smoother.
    We'll work together as a team and make the most of what's planned to be a great weekend.

    For those not familiar with the location of the Range here's the directions.............

    From the Long Island Expwy: to Exit 70, go south to Sunrise Hwy. Take the Hwy east to Exit 63 south, go south to the first traffic light, turn left into Gabreski Airport( Suffolk County Airport) go forward as far as you can and make a left turn on to Perimeter Road. Follow this road around until you reach the Pine Barrens Range. Ignore the sign about authorized access, you are authorized.

    From Sunrise Hwy: Go east to Exit 63 south. At first traffic light make left into Gabreski Airport (Suffolk County Airport), make another left at Perimeter Road and follow the road to the Pine Barrens Range. Ignore the sign about authorized access, you are authorized.

    Important: If you go over the railroad tracks, you have gone to far, turn around.



    "Any man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have."
    President T. Roosevelt