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Appleseed @ LIPSA - April 21 & 22, 2018 After Action Report

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    Originally posted by mattyj513 View Post

    Slow down there brother. I've never made any claims of incredible marksmanship. I've seen you in action and will readily admit I'm outclassed. You gotta admit, especially with all the ball breaking, a lone AK Rifleman patch would be an accomplishment.
    Iā€™m a decent shot but rusty as hell. Friendly competition Brother


      Finally I've found some time to get this After Action Report posted.

      First a very big THANK YOU to LIPSA for hosting our Appleseed.
      They've be very good to us and without them allowing us to hold our events there we wouldn't have a "Home" on Long Island.
      So again,

      To the Instructor crew I honestly can't say enough. You guys are GREAT!
      I know it's already been mentioned but the Instructor Crew was made up of LIGC Members. Every Instructor there is a Member of LIGC. Maybe we should just start calling these LIGC Meet Ups instead of Appleseeds.
      Thanks Guys you're an excellent team.

      Now for our SHOOTERS.

      Kind of at a loss for words on this part. We had 30 on the line and EVERYONE of you hung in there and never complained, never gave up. It was a pleasure to be your Shoot Boss and watch your AQT score rise as the event went on. From the very first AQT I knew we were watching the making of Rifleman.

      We ended the event with 3 new Rifleman and 2 Repeat Rifleman.

      SteveT (Repeat): Shot 227, 211 & 222. He may have made the score more times but I just gave up scoring his AQT's after his third.
      Fast Frank (Repeat); Shot a 223
      Scott: Shot a 224
      Patrick: Shot a 212
      Jai: Shot a 230 - Highest score of the event.

      There were several other Shooters who were so close shooting over 200 but just missing that needed 210. They'll get there next time. I'm sure of that so keep practicing.

      Congrats to all of you! Well Done!

      I know the photos of all of these "Rifleman" have already been posted so no need to re-post them. Not to mention something went wrong with the camera and some of my photos were taken as movies instead of stills. Annimae our "Official Photographer" what did you do?

      Special Thank You to EvoEmpire who stepped up and accepted his Orange Hat and is our newest IIT. We'll see him on the line next time as an Instructor.

      To our Youth Shooters who are carrying the torch of our future you made us all proud to see what the Youth of today will be bringing forward.

      As mentioned most of the photos are already posted but here are just a few that may not have been.

      Youth Shooters

      Thanks to ALL who made our Shoot the success it was.

      See you at the next one!!!

      "Any man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have."
      President T. Roosevelt


        I want to thank you Rich, and all of the ROs that so selflessly volunteer their time to run this event. It is obvious that this is something that everyone involved feels very passionate about. The atmosphere at the event could not have been more positive or supportive. I also really enjoyed going over the history that was the catalyst for the formation of this country. It is easy to forget what was sacrificed to give us this county and all of the freedoms that we all take too much for granted. This was my first event and I had an incredible time, made even more special by the fact I got to experience it with my son who has graciously offered to help me get my patch the next time. We are looking forward to the next one.