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What to Bring to an Appleseed Shoot.

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    What to Bring to an Appleseed Shoot.

    What to Bring to an Appleseed Shoot

    This list was compiled from the experience of those who have attended an Appleseed. It includes those things that did or would have made their experience more enjoyable. Remember that you need to bring whatever it takes to learn to shoot better. If you don’t have a rifle, e-mail the shoot contact to ask if a loaner rifle is available.
    Some items are optional, but most will help you be more comfortable - and some will make it easier to learn to shoot.

    Personal Items
    * Ear Protection – Anti-sound Ear Muffs (electronic recommended) and/or Ear Plugs (Both for children)
    * Eye Protection (Poly-carbonate prescription glasses may be OK. Clear shooting glasses recommended)
    * 4’ Wide Shooting Mat (Rug remnants are low cost. Thick cushions NOT recommended.)
    *Tarp (For under the shooting mat to catch spent casings—makes cleanup much easier.)
    *Elbow Pads or Elbow-padded Shooting Jacket (Fred’s padded shooting jacket actually improves accuracy.)
    *Multiple Layers of Protective Clothing—Long Sleeves and Long Pants—Do not dress for the beach.
    *Boots—NOT Sandals or Sneakers
    *Weather-appropriate Hat (360° brim for sun or with ear coverage for cold)
    *Sun Screen
    *One Gallon of Water—You must stay hydrated.
    *Trail Mix or High-protein Snacks (Protein is fuel. Sugary carbohydrates may make you sleepy.)
    *Light, High-protein Lunch (Lunch may be provided by host for reasonable cost—check the shoot Event Information Page (EIP). Shooters may be requested to lunch with the group for important history lessons.)
    *Folding Chair
    * Small folding Table (if you have one)
    * Pop Up canopy (if available)
    *Wet Wipes
    *Bug Spray
    *Aspirin or Ibuprofen
    *Little Notebook & Number 2 Pencils and/or “Space” Pen or Sharpie

    Gun-related Items
    * Rifle (Recommended: Semi-auto .22LR with detachable magazines; rifle zeroed for 25 meters; LTR)
    * Ammunition: 500 rounds, minimum, of the same type and brand of ammo if possible (if you can bring an extra 500 rounds in case time allows for more shooting - better to have too much than not enough) (Recommended: round-tipped .22LR for semi-autos.)
    *Centerfire Rifle and Ammo (As backup for .22LR and for shoots with Known Distance (KD) element)
    *4 or More 10-round Magazines (20-round mags OK if state law allows. Make sure all of them are empty.)
    *GI Style, 1 ¼”-wide, “Web” Sling (Available at the Appleseed store)
    *Sighting Device on Rifle (Recommended: fully adjustable for both elevation and windage; scopes OK)
    *Sight Adjustment Tools (Hardware for adjusting sights AND directions for the number of MOA per click)
    *Gun Cleaning Supplies (Boresnake recommended.)
    *Instructions or Knowledge for Disassembling and Operating Your Rifle
    *Trash Bag (For covering your rifle to keep blowing sand, snow, or rain off it)
    *Large Push-pin Tacks or a Staple Gun & Staples
    *Knowledge and Compliance with Applicable

    This list contains the recommended gear used at an Appleseed Event. If your missing something that's OK. We work as a team at Appleseeds so most likely someone there will be more then willing to share.

    ....and surely I left something out.

    "Any man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have."
    President T. Roosevelt