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NRA training courses for kids in Nassau?

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    NRA training courses for kids in Nassau?

    I got a question from a family member today when we were all gathered at grandma's house for Mothers Day about NRA training classes for kids.

    He says he took one when he was a kid and would like to do the same thing for his son.

    I looked around on the NRA website and couldn't find anything specifically for kids.

    Anyone know if they still give those classes? Preferably in Nassau.

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      Sign them up for Freeport Juniors. Introductory safety class and then hands on training with great NRA instructors every sunday.


        In addition to the Freeport Juniors, if the kids are in Boy Scouts they have the opportunity to earn the rifle or if older, shotgun merit badges. The instructors are NRA cert and great with kids.
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          Reach out to m14bullets he does the kids on targets and help with a bunch of hunter safety's. At age 11 I did it at mitchele field


            The Suffolk Alliance of Sportsman (“SASI”) is having a “Youth Shoot” on June 4th (see below).

            I am not affiliated with SASI nor have I been to any of their prior Youth Shoots. However, it appears to be a good program to me.


            SASI will be holding its annual Youth Shoot, for ALL boys and girls, who are between the ages of 12~17, at the time of the event. County and state of residence of the youngsters are irrelevant.

            This year's event will take place on Saturday, June 4th and, as usual, will be held at the premises of Old Bethpage R&P Club, at 70 Kean St., in West Babylon.

            Scouts will be able to qualify, as always, for their Rifle Merit Badge, at this event.

            Youngsters will need to be in place, by 8:45am, to sign in and obtain seating, for the classroom portion of the event. They will be in the classroom, for the hours 9am~noon, during which they will partake in a youth-friendly version of the NRA's rifle safety course, for which they will receive a Certificate of Completion. After that, they will be provided with a pizza and soft drink lunch, at no cost. Soft drinks will, also, be available, at no cost, throughout the day.

            Scouts may appear in uniform or in other comfortable clothing, at the option of the individual Scout Master.

            Anyone interested needs to contact me, for the appropriate registration and insurance company-required forms, via this E-mail address. The class is limited to 39 youngsters and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, as always. We will, of course, also maintain a waiting list, in the event of any last minute drop outs, which always seem to happen.

            Scouts will be responsible for bringing their BSA Blue Cards, if they want to be certified.

            As always, we will provide all equipment, as well as a pizza and soft drink lunch, at no charge, for the youngsters.

            Since BSA rules require a Scoutmaster or Ass't Scout Master to attend these events, as part of the qualification process, we will make classroom seating available, for one SM or ASM, per troop. Space is limited and any space we use, for an adult, is one less available, for a youngster; so, we can't have more than one SM or ASM, per troop.

            Regardless of the number of rifles we have on hand, we always seem to be able to use more. Consequently, if any of the BSA staff or parents wish to make bolt-action, .22 caliber rifles, with iron sights, available, for that day, that would be beneficial. We cannot use semi-auto rifles or any rifles with scopes.

            If anyone has any questions, please E-mail me.



              The day I took the NRA Basic Pistol class with Dynamic Firearms they were also doing a kids rifle class. You can look on the NRA site for a schedule of classes offered by various NRA instructors.
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                Thanks for all of the info and suggestions.

                I'll pass it all along.