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Quick Drill for the Range

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    Quick Drill for the Range

    An important skill to have in order to be accurate with your pistol is, "not to move that muzzle".

    Next time you go to your range, try this drill:

    1- insert your loaded mag and chamber 1 round.
    2- remove the mag and keep only 1 round in the gun.
    3- fire the shot (slide will not lock back) and immediately pull the trigger again on the empty chamber.

    Did you notice any flinching or muzzle movement? Just keep doing the drill until the mag is empty.

    Let me know how this works out for you.

    I do this drill a little differently. I have a friend load a few snap caps randomly into a mag. Where you don't know it coming it's a little more illustrative. It also you gets you practicing tap, rack, bang.