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Skills & Drills 12/16/18 Review

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    Skills & Drills 12/16/18 Review

    Well an update to my initial review on his first official class that I attended in February 2018:

    To give a general overall picture this class is a skills and drills class designated to get you shooting faster and more accurate by focusing on adjusting your grip, presentation, allowing you to get rounds off faster and maintaining accurate hits for self defense/competitive shooting.

    The first class he held I used my Wilson 1911 in 9mm. In that class I was very accurate and could get quick shots off and maintain very good accuracy. My fastest draw to fire was 1.06 seconds. After the class I adjusted the front sight FO to a green because my eyes picked up green a lot faster than the red. I also adjusted my grip to pop off rounds faster.

    This go around I wanted to bring out my trusty Shield 9mm for nostalgia and to challenge myself a bit. Shit this class was a 40th birthday present to myself so I wanted to get a good work out with my first gun ever purchased.

    There has been a significant time between his first official class to his final class. Notable changes were more rounds down range. The first class we pushed about 300 rounds. This class we push on average 500 rounds with some people pushing past that.

    Rob tailors the class to have specific instruction to the drill and then literally walks by everyone and pays more attention to those who need it while still providing valuable advice and comments to more accomplished shooters.

    All shooters are well educated on safety. I've always felt safe on the line with shooters in his class.

    You see rapid and immediate improvement after his class. Some small changes to my grip allowed me to manage the bouncing Shield a lot better during a speed drill Rob was instructing me on and tightened up the group considerably.

    At the end he does a draw drill. Everyone gets personal instruction from Rob on maximizing your draw to fire time.

    Like I mentioned in his first class I got a draw to fire in 1.06 seconds with the Wilson 1911. My best time this class was 0.95 seconds with the shield. I also did draw 4 shots in 1.55 seconds with my first shot at 0.99.

    A testament to his instruction there were several individuals breaking the 1 second mark in my class.

    The class is structured well, you're constantly shooting, and seems to go by faster than you want it to. It gets a little gay at times (Rob rubbing lube juice on my hands and then tickling my trigger finger as I shot). But not like there's anything wrong with that

    I look forward to taking some additional classes in the future (summer time) after I heal from my elbow surgery this wednesday.

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    Thanks for the review! Great shooting and thanks much for the support!

    dont give away my secret sauce though hahahaha
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