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    Originally posted by Mad_Dog_Devo View Post

    From an review article " One of the first things people notice is that the action looks very similar to a new Winchester M70 with the new pre64 claw extractor. Well, the reason why is because that is exactly what the action is." I would think the qrticle should say "post 64" but I am not familiar enough to be sure.
    Wow, that is confusing. Prior to 1964 they had a claw CRF thing going on. After 64, post64, they went push. Years later they came out with a pre64 which was a CRF again. Interestingly enough the rifle in those pics doesn't seem to have one.

    This is a crappy pic from google with an A3G, you can get an idea of what the extractor on those guns looked like.

    Confirmed, the guy who write that review you linked too didn't know what he was talking about. It is a push feed that was designed to be less expensive. it is a different action than the A3G etc...
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