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ATI Minis – AR-15, AK-47 and .50 cal

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    ATI Minis – AR-15, AK-47 and .50 cal

    Bruce @ Hunter's got these in and I grabbed them up. They are pretty damn nice!

    ATI Minis – AR-15, AK-47 and .50 cal Assembly and Review

    Luke McCoy
    These were one of the coolest things I saw at Shot Show 2019. The ATI Minis are miniature replica firearms that have some working parts just like their life-size versions. I had just put up new shelves in my office so these were just what I was looking for to fill some space.

    Generally, they were pretty easy to put together. The handguards on the AR-15 and AK-47 gave me a little trouble. I also didn’t get the correct screws with the .50 cal so I had to J-B Weld the bipod on to finish up the review. I’m sure I could have contacted ATI to get a replacement sent but I’m fine with how it ended up. ATI Minis Review ATI Minis – AK-47, .50 cal, AR-15
    They are made from all metal parts other than the handguards and stock on the AK-47 so they’ve got some decent weight to them. They look great on my shelves and I’ll definitely be getting any new models they come out with to add to my collection.

    Currently, they offer an AR-15, AK-47, and a .50 cal but will be releasing a 1911 in June. They also just released some new parts fo the AR-15 which are an ACOG scope, a forend grip and a different adjustable stock.

    The AR-15 and the AK-47 are $39.95 and the .50 cal is $44.95 but there’s a 20% sitewide discount on the ATI Store so you can get them a little cheaper. ATI Minis -.50 calATI Minis -.50 calATI Minis -.50 calATI Minis -.50 calATI Minis -.50 calATI Minis -AK-47ATI Minis -AK-47ATI Minis -AK-47ATI Minis -AR-15ATI Minis -AR-15ATI Minis -AR-15
    The ATI Minis are miniature replicas that are made out of metal and great to dissplayu in your office or desk. We review and assemble each one in this video
    Pat ------> NRA Endowment Member

    I have the AK on my desk - very cool.
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      gave me an idea. imagine a waterpik with a handle that looks like a M60 with an ammo can for the reservoir and a tube that looks like a belt feed. I would be tempted to float rubber duckies in the bathtub and Rambo them.
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