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Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins

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    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins

    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins

    Whether you have multiple upper receivers, like to transport your AR in as small a case as possible, want to add a little flair to an otherwise plain-looking black lower, or just would like it to be easier to break down your rifle/pistol for cleaning, enhanced AR-15 takedown pins can be a game-changer offering better grip and in turn the ability to release your upper without resorting to the tip of a bullet or a punch for better leverage (really only on unusually tight fit receiver sets but hey). Tyrant Designs has brought a unique-looking option to the market to help you in any of the aforementioned situations.

    A closeup of the unique Chevron Pattern milled into the Heads of the Takedown Pins

    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins in Black

    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins in Grey
    From the manufacturer:
    Tyrant Designs is supremely proud to announce their New
    AR Enhanced Takedown Pins as a Mil-Spec, Drop-In replacement for AR-15 platforms!
    An often overlooked yet valuable component of any AR-15 platform is the takedown pins. We
    never overlook any component of a build so that is why we delivered our premium AR
    Enhanced Takedown Pins to bring mastery to the mundane. The Tyrant Designs AR Enhanced
    Takedown Pins offer improved handling, a more attractive aesthetic, and are a “tool-less”
    upgrade for your firearm. Not only that, but so much more!

    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins in Gold
    • Chamfered Radius – Increased Surface Area and Leverage for Easy Install/Removal
    • Dimpled Rear Head – Easier Indexing with Punch Sets & Tools to Initiate Removal
    • Hardcoat Anodized – Match the Other Tyrant Designs Components on your Firearm
    • Chevron Checkering – Greater Dexterity Manipulating/Handling the Takedown Pins
    • 7075 Aluminum – Robust, Lightweight Material to ensure Longevity & Strength

    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins in Blue

    Like all Tyrant Designs products, the AR Enhanced Takedown Pins are machined from quality
    7075 Aluminum to guarantee greater reliability. This new offering like all of their
    products are manufactured in the USA and carry their Lifetime Warranty. Available
    now in Black, Gold, Red, Grey and Blue colorways at for $29.95.

    Tyrant Designs Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pins in Red
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