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    Support USA Shooting!!!

    This seems like an organization worth contributing to. Sending in my donation now, lord knows I've spent more for less....

    Thank you for your interest in USA Shooting.

    Our organization has a wonderful history and outstanding legacy as one of the most decorated Olympic sports in the United States.

    USA Shooting Mission Statement

    Prepare American athletes to win Olympic and Paralympic medals, promote the shooting sports throughout the U.S., and govern the conduct of international shooting in the country.

    About USA Shooting

    USA Shooting, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was chartered by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of shooting in April 1995. The organization implements and manages development programs and sanctions events at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

    Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, USA Shooting has a full-time staff dedicated to furthering the sport and supporting athletes and members of the organization. The organization has a USA Shooting News magazine publication, as well as public and member specific web sites.

    Partially funded by the U.S. Olympic Committee, USA Shooting relies on donations from supporters of the Olympic Movement, membership dues, event fees and the corporate partners who take a strong interest in the development of the U.S. Shooting Team. Click to learn more about how you can support the U.S. Shooting Team and the organizations that are investing in Team USA’s golden future.

    U.S. Olympic Shooting Center

    USA Shooting is headquartered at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Located on the OTC campus, the Olympic Shooting Center was built in 1985 and is used for elite and resident athlete training, competitions, national championships, coaching seminars, camps, committee meetings and local clubs. Approximately 25 resident and day-use athletes train at the OTC during the year.

    The Shooting Center is the largest indoor shooting facility in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest in the world. Three separate ranges provide 29 firing points from 50 meters and 73 firing points from 10 meters for training and competitions. It also houses the administration offices, a gunsmith room and locker rooms for resident and visiting athletes.

    In addition to the indoor ranges at the OTC, the outdoor ranges at the International Shooting Park are also used by U.S. Shooting Team members. Construction began in 1985 on 102 acres of land leased to the United States Olympic Committee at the edge of the U.S. Army Fort Carson military base. Four superimposed international-style skeet and bunker trap fields, shade shelters and a clubhouse have been completed.

    Tours of the U.S. Olympic Complex, including the U.S. Olympic Shooting Center, are free and open to the public. Contact the U.S. Olympic Visitors Center at 719/866-4618 for more information. Access to the U.S. Olympic Shooting Center is permitted with or without a USOC tour guide.

    Olympic Games

    USA Shooting oversees the development of U.S. National Teams that compete in international competition on behalf of the United States. With the approval of the United States Olympic Committee, only the National Governing Body for a sport can officially enter U.S. athletes into Olympic and Pan American Games competitions.

    International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) matches worldwide. Olympic and Pan American Games Teams

    For the Olympic Games there are 15 events: six for women and nine for men. The athletes are divided into shotgun, rifle and pistol disciplines.

    The Olympic Games include the following shooting competitions on the program:

    • Men's 10m Air Pistol
    • Women's 10m Air Pistol
    • Men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
    • Women's 25m Sport Pistol
    • Men's 50m Free Pistol
    • Men's 10m Air Rifle
    • Women's 10m Air Rifle
    • Men's 50m Rifle Three Position
    • Women's 50m Rifle Three Position
    • Men's 50m Rifle Prone
    • Men's Skeet
    • Women's Skeet
    • Men's Trap
    • Women's Trap
    • Men's Double Trap
    The History of Shooting

    From the spear and the projectile throwing contests to the modern day Olympic Games, shooting has evolved into a competitive sport with nearly 20 million target shooters participating in the United States alone.

    It can be said that shooting began with spears and sticks, but by the 10th century, marksmanship became a social and recreational sport. The first shooting clubs were formed in the 13th and 14th centuries by the Germans, and membership was typically reserved for men only. In the beginning, bows and wheel lock muskets were shot from the standing position, but by the 16th century, firearms with rifled barrels were used in public matches.

    These early club competitions were festive one-shot matches fired elaborately painted wooden targets. Usually matches and shooting festivals for one or more gun clubs were held on New Year's Day, religious holidays, or other special occasions where prized of gold and money were frequently awarded.

    The Development of USAS

    Fast forward to the Modern Olympic Games and the question remains: how was USA Shooting formed? Before 1979, a year-round U.S. Shooting Team did not exist. Athletes trained independently and met once a year to try out for major events such as the Olympics and World Championships. Once the match was over the team disbanded until the following year.

    Spurred by the Amateur Sports Act of 1978, the National Governing Body for shooting at the time established National Teams and National Development Teams, a national coaching staff, year-round training programs, and a main training site for Olympic shooting sports.

    In April 1995, USA Shooting was formed and became the full-time National Governing Body for the international shooting sports in the United States.

    USA Shooting Board of Directors

    The USA Shooting Board of Directors consists of volunteers from around the shooting community. Click here to access a full listing of USAS Board Members.

    For more information on the USAS Board of Directors, contact the USA Shooting Media Office at 719/866-4896 or via e-mail at [email protected].

    USA Shooting Staff

    The USA Shooting staff is committed to providing excellence in customer service to our membership. Click here to find a listing of USA Shooting employees with titles to help pinpoint the role they play in keeping the organization among the highest ranked National Governing Bodies in the U.S. Olympic Movement.