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When gun stores betray gun owners - reading between the lines

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    When gun stores betray gun owners - reading between the lines

    I read a tall tale, otherwise known as a story from the New York Daily News, the other day about some guy that I'm guessing was born without functional testicles claiming that firing a few rounds from an ordinary, everyday stock AR-15 game him PTSD. His name is Gersh Kuntzman and he was the yarn-spinner of this tall tale.

    If that were the case, we could very well begin having upwards of twenty-million veterans from the past five-plus decades making disability claims to the VA based upon our traumatic experiences in firing select-fire M-16's during our time in the military.

    I've linked the story in the opening paragraph, but it's not the real story here.

    The appearance of gun stores betraying gun owners is the real story.

    In the story, a gun store owner, Frank Stelmach, is seemingly quoted as being significantly sympathetic to the sniveling twit whose shoulder was "bruised" from firing an AR-15. Stelmach is purported in the story to be supportive of mental health background checks and background investigations reaching beyond the applicant and instead extending to their families, friends and even employers before they can purchase an "assault weapon."

    There is more and you can read it yourself. But, be advised, make sure you have fresh batteries in your Bullshit Detector. If you do, you'll see it begin pegging towards a 9.5 when Mr. Stelmach is (allegedly) quoted.

    The reaction, I'm sure, is exactly what the "journalist" from the NYDY hoped for: Strong, virulent, profane backlash against the gun store owner.

    I know my first impression upon reading the story was to fire off an e-mail or private message to Mr. Stelmach suggesting that he commit an anatomically impossible sexual act upon himself while packing up to move back home to Europe when the story says he came from just a few years ago.

    But something just wasn't passing the Smell Test.

    The story by Kuntzman gave a little too much insight to Mr. (Frank) Stelmach in that it mentioned he had worked as a career law enforcement officer in Europe, then came to America and opened a gun store. That was my first clue. European cops and ex-soldiers who come to America, in my experience, have been fervent supporters and defenders of the Second Amendment. These people have seen--and lived--firsthand in societies and governments that ruled by oppression, be it social or political, and of which rules were enforced by people with guns who wore uniforms. As a result, such "ex-pats" that come to the USA and get their first sip of the nectar of freedom often become our staunchest supporters.

    However, that didn't seem to be the case in the story. Instead, it seemed as though Stelmach actually supported more background checks and other (useless) restrictions and obstacles. There are more instances which curl the nose and peg the BSD (Bullshit Detector) in the story, but those are not the point. You can read Mr. Stelmach's rebuttal to the underhanded trickery pulled on him by Kuntzman here.

    The point is this: I fear that these "hit journalists" will be coming out with a lot more "stories" like this in which gun store owners are intentionally misquoted or selectively edited, ala Katie Couric, in order to draw the instant, immediate and insane ire of the gun-owning community. Thanks to social media, one can make one's opinion known with the click of a mouse and depending upon the reach, that opinion can then be seen and shared by tens of millions of people in mere hours.

    The destruction to one's reputation can be catastrophic--and the anti-gun media is counting on it.

    So my appeal to all gun-owners is this: If/when you read a story in which a gun store or prominent individual is quoted regarding firearms in such a way as to cause you to wonder exactly where they stand on the issue, do a little homework. Call the gun store. E-mail/message the gun-owner. Get it from them firsthand.

    The goal here, by the anti-gun cowards, is to enrage and divide our community, then take our comments made in haste in response to such stories and plaster them in front of our elected officials in an attempt to "show how even gun owners want more gun control laws."

    To those who run, own, operate or work in a gun store, I would do the same amount of background checking on any journalist who wants a quote or story from you as that journalist claims they want on any law-abiding citizen who is looking to purchase a PTSD-causing AR-15.

    If the journalist or their newspaper or station shows to have run consistent anti-gun stories and positions in the past, turn them away.

    Tell them they didn't pass your background check for integrity and ethics.

    As soon as the words "Daily News" is mentioned, you know it's going to be an anti gun, anti Trump, or anti Republican type of story. That is the biggest piece of trash paper, even worst than Newsday. This is how they reported the Orlando shooting:

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      I call BS on the gun store owner's rebuttal. He acted like an idiot and is trying to backpedal.
      Know your rights/Refuse peacefully to consent to a search /Ask if you are free to go or are being detained/Even if you are not doing anything wrong the 4th Amendment protects you against unreasonable searches/Never say anything to law enforcement even if you think it will help you/If questioned you should clearly and unequivocally request that you would like to have an attorney present and defer any questions until then/Never go to prison because you are afraid to go to jail.


        Originally posted by class3 View Post
        I call BS on the gun store owner's rebuttal. He acted like an idiot and is trying to backpedal.

        I don't, at all. In fact, I think it's much more likely that his words were intentionally & maliciously twisted to make him look anti-gun.

        This is what politicians and the media do. They divide us. They keep us fighting and bickering among ourselves while they rob us blind, strip away our rights, and kill us.


          The gun store owner is Eurotrash. No one who supports gun ownership, the 2nd Amendment etc. in any way should purchase a fucking pen from him let alone a firearm. From watching the interview, he's an elitist prick who speaks horrible English and is judgemental in "if he doesn't like the looks of a buyer, no sale" even if he passes NICS etc. or something along those lines as I could barely understand him speaking. Clearly he knows nothing of US constitution, Bill of rights, etc. He should STFU, get out of the retail firearm sales and head back to whatever dump he came from. That way he can get a new job rationing toilet paper sales to "commoners" know, none to people he doesn't like the looks of!!! As to the "journalist" ,well,I have no words to describe that useless jellyfish of human DNA and God help us all if he represents the future of our country!
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            I gotta say if you're looking for enemies in the fight against 2A rights, looking to gun store owners is more than a stretch, it's a stupid idea. The gun store owner risks all his time, money and future to sell guns every day. The gun store owner is the 'face' of the firearms business. That's where the public's push back starts, directed at the store owner.
            Quick note: Right now in a county of over one million people, Suffolk, there are less than ten guys that are licensed to transfer or sell a handgun. If those ten guys retired or moved or got closed down today, all handgun transactions in Suffolk would stop dead.
            So when the Daily Snooze writes a dumb article, let's all just agree it's a dumb article and the LGS is not the enemy. You don't have to call your LGS to see if he's still on your side.
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                Kiuntzman really is a cunt
                "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


                  I got PTSD from reading that


                    Yesterday the man in this video from the NY Daily News called and asked if he could come and interview us about the basic principles of how an AR-15 works. We acknowledged his offer so that we could...

                    Franks Gun Shop Double Tap Shooting Range

                    June 14 at 9:24pm ยท

                    Yesterday the man in this video from the NY Daily News called and asked if he could come and interview us about the basic principles of how an AR-15 works. We acknowledged his offer so that we could prove that an AR-15 is indeed a great and safe weapon as stated in the video. After the video was filmed there was another Q&A type conversation on how things work in other countries, what are some of the things others believe would be a step into the right direction of gun control. To our knowledge we did not know that Mr. Kuntzman would completely turn things around and make our establishment look like one of anti-gun advocates. We have received dozens of phone from all over the country in regards to the article. Many of these callers expressed disgust with the article and told us to stay away from the media. I can assure everyone that we do not support mental health screenings like they do in Europe and we don't think that government officials should take away guns from people as it was portrayed in the article. Currently we are doing everything we can to take this article down because after reading it we are just as disgusted about it as all of you are. Our team here at Double Tap would like to sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding and report that we are doing everything in our power to get this article removed. I implore all of our supporters to share our apology with everyone in-order to help defend ourselves from the media who is doing anything in their power to blemish the face of all gun owners and attempting to add more rule to the fire of the attempt of the liberal gun-grabbing agenda.To those that are writing negative reviews about us, please understand we had no intentions of having this article cause such an issue, nor intentions of us looking like anti gun advocates but, to educate which in turn did the complete opposite due to Mr. Kuntzman. If anyone has anymore questions or concerns please feel free to come in or call us we will gladly discuss this issue with you. And for the record, if you get a bruised shoulder or PTSD from shooting an AR-15 you may be a Katie Couric, liberal with ought testicular fortitude.