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Barak in Orlando

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  • Barak in Orlando

    After meeting with families of those murdered by an Islamic radical terrorist he graced us with one of his speeches. He briefly said he was going to 'disrupt' isle but As expected he dedicated much of the time on his usual anti gun rantings. A one trick pony who's always confused on what's important for this country. Blame the tool not the murdering Villian holding the tool. The president is s tool of a different kind.
    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction" R.R.

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    Hopefully he'll visit Disney and get eaten by an alligator
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      Did he fucking cry like the lil pussy that he is? If not, it just doesn't have the same impact! He's a fucking embarrassment to this country!

      I am far from the smartest guy in the room, but what I don't get is how anyone can not think for themselves and realize it's not about the gun as that device or tool can be interchanged with a pressure cooker, cyanide, school bus, gasoline, etc. There's a million ways to execute a mass killing......anyone who thinks eliminating one tool which is capable of doing it is a fool to think that these lunatics and terrorists won't use an alternate means to do their destruction is a complete fucking moron.
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        It's actually a failure on the part of Congress to not act against him at this point. He is undeniably dangerous to this country.
        Congress is not subordinate to POTUS, they are co-equal parts of government. Everyone can bitch and moan all day long but the Congress has become complicit in Obamas failures and dangerous policies by not acting.


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          Unfortunately he's just a few days late. he should be demanding the head of some senior FBI agents on a friggin platter. POS


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            Something tells me he was headed for Cinderella's castle

            Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


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