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It a'int cheap, but carbon fiber is heading our way

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    It a'int cheap, but carbon fiber is heading our way

    Columbia Falls, MT (June 27, 2016) – ( – PROOF Research ( released a new video today showcasing carbon fiber firearms technology and the company’s barrel and custom rifle manufacturing processes. Those unfamiliar with PROOF Research will find the 8-minute film an intriguing introduction into a company leading the industry in new technologies, and those who are already fans will find it a fascinating window into how the company operates and manufactures its unique products.

    PROOF Research Facility

    During the video, Larry Murphy, the CEO of PROOF Research states, “What PROOF Research is doing is bringing disruption into our industry. We’re doing things that have never been done before and it’s going to help both the warfighter and the hunter as well as the aerospace and defense industries.” The video demonstrates that the company is bringing the reality of match-grade carbon fiber-wrapped barrels, composite rifle systems and aerospace-grade high-temperature composite materials to life.

    PROOF Research Production Floor

    Dr. David Curliss, General Manager of PROOF Research’s Advanced Composite Division, and former head of the U.S. Air Force High Temperature Composites Laboratory, pointed out the connection between the company’s continued development of aerospace products and its firearms related products: “We are able to provide premier materials for PROOF Research for firearms barrels applications as well as the aerospace market. We’re probably the only firearms technology company that has composite materials in orbit around the earth.”

    PROOF TACII Desert Warrior

    Visit the PROOF Research website to view the film:

    About PROOF Research, Inc.

    PROOF Research is a science-driven defense/aerospace company based in Northwest Montana committed to developing next-generation materials and composites to produce carbon fiber barrels and weapons systems that lighten warfighter load while increasing durability and effectiveness. PROOF Research’s goal is to make reduced weight, unsurpassed durability and match-grade accuracy a reality for all its customers.

    Headquartered in Columbia Falls, Montana, PROOF Research’s Advanced Composites Division is located in Dayton, Ohio. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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    Is weight the only real advantage?

    I thought I read that CF barrels start losing their accuracy once they heat up. Why do we need a replacement for steel barrels?


      Ever see what happens when a carbon fiber arrow gives up the ghost? A rifle barrel? I'll watch from a distance.
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        Originally posted by Craig23 View Post
        Is weight the only real advantage?

        I thought I read that CF barrels start losing their accuracy once they heat up. Why do we need a replacement for steel barrels?
        Our boys are humping packs that weigh over 50lbs.....saving a pound or two with surely help.
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          Bet the dems are already working on outlawing it.
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            Originally posted by c6ny View Post
            bet the dems are already working on outlawing it.
            you can take these stealth killer guns through metal detectors



              Posted on September 11, 2015 by admin
              Barrett MRAD

              PROOF Research announced recently that Barrett Firearms has begun offering their carbon fiber-wrapped barrel on Barrett’s MRAD platform. Barrett is a world leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing. Their products are used by civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the United States military and more than 73 State Department approved countries across the world.

              With a philosophy of “You’re only as good as your last accomplishment” Barrett continues to exceed customer expectations by employing PROOF Research’s state-of-the-art carbon fiber barrel on their MRAD platform, significantly reducing weight while increasing durability and accuracy.

              The MRAD is a bolt-action system that continues to define a whole new class of long-range precision rifles. The MRAD rifle’s unique user-changeable barrel system is just one example of the rifle’s modularity. Available in .338 Lapua Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .308 Winchester, .260 Remington and 6.5 Creedmoor, the precision-grade barrel can be removed by simply loosening two bolts using a standard Torx wrench. Besides reducing maintenance and logistical burdens, this unique design allows for user level caliber interchangeability and serviceability.

              John Clements, VP of Global Business Development at PROOF Research and formerly the Weapons Program Manager at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) stated, “We’re very excited to see our barrel employed on Barrett’s respected MRAD platform. Barrett is truly an industry pioneer in large caliber bolt-action weapons for U.S. military, Special Forces and consumer market customers. It’s gratifying to see our technology continue to penetrate these elite markets.”


                If it aint broke.......


                  The Barrett MRAD is mint. It should be for around $13,000!
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                    I've see two of the proof barrels and they shot ok. I'm still suspect on them.