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Man found with a couple of guns and the English lose their minds!

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    Man found with a couple of guns and the English lose their minds!

    A deactivated missile - evil semi auto rifles and OMG - just look at that "stockpile" of ammo!!

    A GUN-obsessed pensioners staggering arsenal has been revealed including nine handguns, a Tommy gun, semi-automatic rifles, deactivated machine gun and a Spitfire missile.

    Ex-serviceman Harry Jones, a gun club secretary for nearly 40 years was jailed for two years at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court after admitting charges of possessing illegal weapons.

    His obsession with firearms led him to amass a terrifying arsenal of illegal weapons, including nine handguns and an Al Capone-style Tommy gun - all in full working order.
    The RAF veteran’s hoard could have caused carnage if it had fallen into the wrong hands.
    Along with the illegal weapons, cops found his collection of legally-held carelessly firearms strewn around his Dukinfield home, including semi-automatic rifles lying on his bedroom floor and a deactivated machine gun by the sofa.
    It took officers four days to sort the international collection of guns, shells and helmets which filled every room in his house, and an Army lorry was needed to remove it.
    But Jones, described by his lawyer as ‘a good man’, has now been jailed for two years at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court after admitting charges of possessing prohibited weapons.
    The search of his home was prompted by a routine check of the Tameside Gun Club’s premises at a converted army facility in Mossley , back on July 9, 2014.

    Jones owned a Walther PP the gun traditionally favoured by James Bond Manchester Evening News

    Cops found a Tommy gun concealed in a violin case Manchester Evening News

    Jones told police that he had taken up to ‘nine to 11’ handguns into his possession over the years Manchester Evening News

    Ammunition was also found at the pensioners home Manchester Evening News
    Prosecutor Henry Blackshaw revealed that there was one locker which officers were unable to access, which belonged to John Robson, a 71-year-old engineer from Preston.
    When officers forced entry to it they found turret machine guns from Lancaster bombers, wing-mounted machine guns from Spitfires, and nine buckets containing sub-machine gun components and armour piercing ammunition.
    Robson had scavenged eight cannons from WWII crash-sites, potentially disturbing war graves, after sneaking onto private land up and down the country.
    He admitted firearms offences alongside Jones, but was spared jail.

    "terrifying arsenal" .... seriously?!?

    I'm sure someone here would love to take that .22 off their hands.




      You can have the 22 I'll take the rest of the stash ... Lol



        Wow there really fucked up there. This is what will happen here throughout the US if that hideous creature gets elected and continues the destruction of our great country.
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          Just like News 12 or Newsday. 'Cept everything would have been grouped in one picture with the DA standing nearby. Maybe a chart or something showing how they just saved everybody's life.



            Oh the horror of it all! What "carnage" are they talking, specifically? Is it CRIMINALS who would use guns and explosives to cause carnage that they're talking about? Because for all this time the old man possessed these items they caused harm to no one.
            SHADAP VARMINT!