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4 Things to Know About Buying Your First Suppressor

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    Originally posted by LI Ammo View Post

    So I make a trust and buy a can...what gun do I can first?
    Obviously, It's a personal choice.
    A 22 suppressor is fun and cheap to plink with.
    For the most versatility and bang for your buck, you might consider a can in 45acp.
    If you're thinking about only one suppressor, the 45 can be used for 45, 9mm, 380, 22lr and some are rated for 300 blackout.
    Good luck.



      A few years ago I saw 2 Leo's shooting a suppressed rifle on the 100 yard line at Brookhaven. It was the first time I ever saw , or heard one in person. The shots sounded like squib loads. The 2 Leo's shooting were totally cool to me when I asked about the suppressors.

      Wish I could have one.