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Veterans protesting in front of trump towers

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    Veterans protesting in front of trump towers

    they were paid to do it by hillary

    Likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton organized a group of veterans to protest outside of Trump Tower against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. | Politics
    let's make america great again

    First, THANK YOU for your service.

    Second: I'm sure your VA starved brothers want to choke some sense back into your short term memory asses.
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    True freedom and our inherent responsibility:


      From what I heard this AM, Trump made good on his promise, and gave 1mil. out of his own pocket to the Vets.
      Later, Steve
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      People are crazy and times are strange
      I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
      I used to care but........ things have changed

      Fuck Joe Biden


        Maybe they are veterans. John Kerry is a veteran. Like the non-reg. wearing of decorations?
        Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.


          hillary will do anything to get elected. trump has no filter. this will be a very interesting election. trump hits back hard
          lets hope we get to make america great again.
          let's make america great again


            Hillary as rich as she is doesn't have enough money to pay me or any of my friends to protest for her.
            These veterans are a disgrace.
            How about protesting hillary for allowing 4 americans to die in Bengahzi?
            How about protesting Hillary who has always hated the military.
            How about protesting the wife of the POS that abandoned men in Somalia?
            Send them in without armor so we don't upset the warlords.

            Hillary should be shot.
            And I'd like to kick these veterans ass fo rbeing sellouts.

            I don't care if they don't like Trump, but Hillary is about as pro military as Jane Fonda
            "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


              Unfortunately, being a Veteran doesn't necessarily mean you love this country. It doesn't mean you have any respect for the Constitution or even have any idea what it is. It doesn't mean you're a good person. It doesn't mean you're a smart person.

              It only means you've successfully satisfied your obligation to qualify for Veteran status.

              What you make of being a Veteran beyond that is completely up to the you. Like anything else, you've got your "winners".