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Vortex 1-10x LPVO to be announced

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    Originally posted by Dank27 View Post

    Given how many people won’t go near 10x I’d say the extra light transmission in the 34mm tube with the option to go up if a 600yrd target shows up will have this being used heavily.

    remember magnification is not always your friend and if someone is trained enough and using the scope properly than it will pay off to switch to this.
    Agreed, so I don’t see the value in 10x, plus many people can’t control the shakes at 10x

    it might have a 34 mm tube but the objective lens is only 24 mm giving it a 2.4 exit pupil. Anything below 3 slows you down and you loose brightness

    hence why I think this scope is overrated and is nothing more then a marketing ploy. But time will tell
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