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Home Defense Overpenetration: Shotgun, Handgun, Rifle

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    Home Defense Overpenetration: Shotgun, Handgun, Rifle

    Reading Huntington Guy's post the other day about frangible ammo, this might just be a good read...…….
    It's lengthy. I'll post some but for the whole article, you will need to follow the link.

    [Study] Overpenetration of Home Defense Ammo: We test 28 loads across shotgun, handgun, & rifle!

    Over-penetration in a home defense situation can cause more harm than the original threat.

    If, God forbid, someone should break into your home, you will have a million thoughts racing through your head, and a stress level some people may never feel in their life.

    While you are nice and safe reading this article, this is EXACTLY the time to think about over-penetration and the liability that comes with it.

    In this article, I will be discussing over-penetration with 12-gauge shotgun loads, 9mm and .45 ACP handguns, and finally 5.56 NATO/.223, and .300 BLK AR-15s.

    This is not a test of the firearms, but rather a test of what the firearms are shooting.

    Assuming you are looking at roughly the same barrel lengths, the exact firearm using these cartridges will be approximately the same.

    Penetration testing was done these loads through real, current building materials, and I will cover the pros and cons of each caliber/load and how they performed in testing. <img src="" alt="science" class="wp-image-48236"/>
    This is a long article, but it’s important and worth the full read.

    We’re going to dispel some fudd lore and provide real data to help you make the best decision for your family in your home.
    Table of ContentsThe Setup

    To simulate a real home, I made 2’x2’ frames with 2″x4″ studs and then sheeted them with 3/8″ drywall on each side to simulate an interior wall.

    I also built a simulated exterior wall by framing a 2’x4′ wall sheeted in 3/8″ drywall and 1/2″ plywood on the exterior side. Inside of the exterior wall, R13 insulation was added for added realism. <img src="" data-lazy-type="image" data-lazy-src="" alt="" class="lazy lazy-hidden wp-image-48216"/><noscript><img src="" alt="" class="wp-image-48216"/> Author’s set up, simulating an “intruder” with an interior and exterior wall panel behind the target.
    A card table was placed with a 12″ long 10% ballistic gel block 12 inches in front of the interior wall panel.

    This 12″ of ballistic gel is used to simulate an intruder’s chest cavity. The gel was calibrated per FBI specs for 10% ballistic gel and can be found at Clear Ballistics.

    Ten feet behind the interior wall, the exterior wall was placed. All shots were taken 10 feet away from the 12″ ballistic gel “torso”.

    If a round made it through the gel and both walls, it failed the test for over-penetration. A “clean miss” was also shot with every load to test over-penetration when the shot did not encounter the ballistic gel block.

    We use ballistic gel and built interior/exterior walls to test shotgun, handgun, and rifle loads to see the best ammo if overpenetration is a concern.

    I dont miss,I never miss


      What percentage of home intruders show up not wearing a shirt (as per the set up of the ballistics gel)?
      The presence of a Carhartt or biker jacket could drastically change the test results.
      Furthermore, the setup using only 3/8" drywall isn't even code AFAIK. The absence of insulation and siding is also a problem.
      Exercise the Bill of Rights. It's good for your Constitution.