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Is now the time to get into reloading??

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    I started off with the intention to save $$$. Bought a Lee classic turret and picked up a cheap single stage to decay. Bought Lee dies. Started reloading...

    learned that I like reloading for rifle, pistol not so much.

    found that I can load high end rifle loads for cheaper than buying (minus my time)...

    bought a Hornady progressive press... still dislike loading pistol but it is great for mass loading .223

    found trimming brass kind of sucked, got a Frankford Arsenal trim station (love it)

    replaced the Lee scale with a RCBS. Both equally accurate, just like the RCBS one better.

    now I have enough stock, I want to go for accuracy. Sold the turret and got a better single stage. Realize I need a better powder measure.

    see the trend? Do it to have fun, not save money. It is a great winter activity.


      I reload magnum rifle cartridges because, it saves me 2-4$ dollars per shot, its more accurate, and I cant buy 338 jarrett in the store and 7mm stw is hard to find..... i also reload 30-06 since I already have all the tools and 90% of the components.
      - its rewarding to fine tune for ultimate accuracy.
      - its not high volume shooting like my 45 or 9mm. I may shoot 60 rifle rounds in 4 hrs... not hundreds of rounds in 4 hours.
      - My single stage press was cheap
      - collecting my brass is easy with a bolt action.
      - I can compress most of my loads before pressure signs show up (imr 7828, h50bmg, h1000). I feel safe pushing the envelope.
      - there is some fun in hunting down supplies.

      For handgun rounds... I just buy them. Stock up when you can or pay a premium for times like today.
      - I don't feel like buying 4-6 more dies and a progressive press for various calibers.
      - loading hundreds of rounds on a single stage would suck and I don't want to set up another bench with a progressive press
      - I don't want pistol powder near my rifle reloading bench because a mix up would be deadly.
      - I'm short on time and space as it is.
      - finding pistol ammo is generally easy, even during covid… its just priced differently. (I see 15-20% more to buy in store during covid vs online + shipping before covid)
      - forget about compressed loads.... a double load of pistol powder could be catastrophic.
      - I don't shoot enough of 1 caliber to pay off pistol reloading equipment in a reasonable time.
      … all of these combined, the time, money, space.. id rather just buy shelf ammo and go shooting.

      This is all my opinion based on my shooting habits. At the same time there are guys who only shoot 9mm 100% of the time, they'd be crazy not to reload.


        Originally posted by FastPhil View Post
        Precision reloading and volume reloading are 2 different animals. I have a single stage press and most of my reloads are trickle charged so it takes time. Reloading for pistol is a whole different ballgame when your only shooting 15 yards. Bolt action neck sized rounds shooting clover groups makes me smile . The OP is a varmint hunter as far as I know so he understands

        I couldn't say it better myself.


          Originally posted by Volkosupply View Post

          100 % honest folks, well made cast lead heads
          I found the 9 mm red coated heads good,no lead or coating build up in the Dillon seating die
          the 45 acp 230 rn red heads, the coating was thicker on some of the heads and the seating die, Dillon, made a circle mark on the coating, some circle marks went right down to the lead
          all loads chambered, went bang, ejected and knocked down the steels at 25 yds.
          so i guess the ring mark is no big problem
          when shooting coated bullets you should open up the bell sightly more than jacketed bullets to prevent the coating from shearing off
          i have used acmebullet before , use the 124 reds .... lipstick rounds i say


            + 1 on the Lee classic turret. I've probably loaded over 50,000 pistol rounds on mine. For years I came close to buying a Dillon, but just couldn't justify the initial outlay and associated tools.
            I'm going to break out the Lee soon after 20 years of storage to load 30-06 garand loads.
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