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    Originally posted by Genghis Khan View Post

    That is a good question which requires clarification.
    She likes it for my arms bunker. Not anywhere she would see it.
    My wife wouldn't like it even if she couldn't see it.
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      Originally posted by bberetta1 View Post
      Great post and pics. Thanks for the source.

      Just curious, what is your intended use for the 60 mm and 81 mm cans? They are pretty cool. I just need to have a reason to get them.
      Already replied with the coffee table pics in the man cave, but another use for the large cans is that they are great for critter proof storage..,feed, seed, dog food, etc. even preppier food storage. We have tons of chipmunks, voles, field nice and the cant chew through metal, great for shed storage. With some foam padding you can load up collapsible shotguns or tools in the 81mm cans too.


        A bunch of us must have ordered the 81mm cans for coffee tables. I wanted to buy 2 and they seem to be OOS!