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Boycotting China? A Helpful Guide

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    Maybe it's something, but it doesn't go to the heart of the problem. The problem isn't China. The problem is the ruling class in this country.


      Originally posted by tidriver View Post
      if everyone on this site boycotted every single made in china item we consume, it would be a drop of water in the the great lakes. Sleepy Joe is going to remove all restrictions and sanctions against china and we'll be flooded with "made in china" goods on a wholesale level. Not to mention Canadian and Mexican goods.

      Vote for Joe and bye bye America first policies.
      It started with Clinton and Walmart.
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        Originally posted by spider View Post

        It started with Clinton and Walmart.
        I would go as far back as Nixon and Ping-Pong.


        • Aquabach
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          No. What Nixon did was fine.
          Good for us in fact. Trade is good. When it is fair
          What Clinton did made us China’s Bitch

        I will not give up spare ribs and egg rolls no matter what. National security be damned.


          Originally posted by Genghis Khan View Post
          I will not give up spare ribs and egg rolls no matter what. National security be damned.
          chicken and broccoli with pork fried rice. call me a commie then...
          Originally posted by ChiefSailer
          Deplorables FTW!!


            Originally posted by tidriver View Post

            America was already that close to bankruptcy in 2007-08. Supposedly Russia proposed to China that they redeem their US debt to bankrupt the US. China declined. I'm guessing China is smart enough not to chop down the money tree that is making China rich. What Russia holds wouldn't have done much damage 100B, but China owns 1Trillion of US debt. If China decides to "cash in" their debt, the USA would be F**ked!!
            That’s ridiculous.
            China doesn’t have an IOU.
            they have treasuries and American currency.
            there is no “redeeming”
            they can dump all their securities if they want to which would cause them to lose trillions which would simply switch who the US has to pay.
            Like when one bank sells your mortgage to another .
            It doesn’t. Cause you to be evicted. You still own your house and pay you mortgage

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            • bigbore44
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              Yup, and the largest holder of US debt is us, the American citizen. Talk about "hold my beer".