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    Originally posted by Mrprovy View Post
    I'm gonna jump start this forum since there hasn't been any posts post's in "The Well Armed Woman" in about a year..

    After Mrsprovy shot a handful of different pistols, she decided she was most comfortable and competent with a Gen4 G19 (circa 2010). So, I got her this G19 and she's been to a few classes with it comfortably and competently shooting it with ease.

    What have some of the ladies here been shooting (members and members mrs)?
    Thank you very much for the jump start Mrprovy. Unfortunately I was out of commission for several mths due to major surgery, so my internet activity fell off for awhile. Good to be back!

    I would like to add to this by giving some insight into what our members are buying these days. Many have SW EZ series pistols, in both .380 and 9. Many ladies come to us already owning a G19. I believe this is due to both it's general popularity and affordability, but this isn't always the best choice with the wide grip. Still though, many ladies already own these. The Walther Q5 Match is quite popular, the Sig P320 X5 Legion is also making rounds, and of course the G34 with optic is owned by several ladies as well. These pistols are optics ready, and the Sig X5 P320 Legion and Walther Q5 Match have good triggers right out of the box. Some of these ladies shoot Carry Optic Division out at LIPSA. Several actually own Staccato's and CZ Shadow line pistols as well. For our brand new pistol shooters, we always try to steer our girls away from polymer pocket pistols, especially chambered in 9mm, as new shooters simply can't learn the fundamentals on a tiny polymer pocket pistol with all that flip and recoil, and then they become easily discouraged. We encourage them to learn the right way, with a larger pistol that still fits their hand well. Unfortunately, we have new members show up all the time with a tiny pocket pistol that was sold to them that they can't control well. We work with them to overcome this, but it's really not the best way to start.

    In the long gun arena, the fan fave appears to be the Ruger PC9, and Ruger 10/22. The ladies like that they are easily accessorized, and modified.

    Thanks for weighing in gentlemen! Have your wives call us! Always looking for new members to join our group!
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      Hope you're feeling better.

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      Glad to see you're back, hopefully fully recovered

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      I'm recovering too.
      PT and Keep working at it.
      Hope you are feeling better.

    stay alive, carry a 45


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      I don't understand this pic doesn't the wife take all the $$$ anyway???

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      He works so she can have the money, pay or suffer, your choice.

    Originally posted by Ricekila View Post
    Handi-Racker --- just ordered both sizes --
    Again ---- tanks --- Wild Bill --