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Sig Legion Registration?

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    Sig Legion Registration?

    So am I just way to paranoid or does this seem a bit fishy to you guys too?
    A few things that just made me stop and say wtf?
    First was the repetition of the word "Register" .. I mean if you sell a gun then ask someone to register it , people will freak out ..but what if we SELL THE REGISTRATION as a cool club?

    Next was "CALL" Sig to register your firearm. . Why not do it online? Seems like they want to keep from putting anything in writing and have some sales rep explain what you are actually agreeing to in a 20 minute fast talk , no ones paying attention anyway , disclosure?

    Last is , they are trying to hard to SELL this registration, complimentary case??? A $1k handgun should come with a case!!!
    A CHALLENGE COIN???? Seriously? ??

    It all seems way to fishy to me!!!

    "Simply call SIG with the handgun’s serial number to register, and the company will send a complimentary custom Thermo-Mold case custom-fit for your specific gun along with a challenge coin matched to your pistol.

    The registration also comes with a user-specific log-in that unlocks the Legion section of the SIG website. Here users can find Legion-specific product offerings from companies such as Surefire, Peltor and Blackpoint Tactical.

    The Legion has also partnered with several blade makers to offer knives to members. Such companies include Emerson Knives, Rick Hinderer, Daniel Winkler and Duane Dwyer. Many other companies will also be offering different lifestyle accessories."

    It's actually a two step process with the Legion (I have the P226 in 9mm - bought it 2 months ago):

    (1) Call Sig to register for the Legion "club" which triggers the sending of the case and coin (which is buried in my closet right now!). Actually, that step can be completed online now (the info that comes with the pistol is outdated - at first, you had to call to register for the "club"). I could care less about the case and coin... the pistol speaks for itself IMO:

    (2) Register online in their warranty registration area of the site for the actual firearm warranty and you get a 20% off one-time use promo code (after you complete the online warranty registration) to buy anything from their web store (barrels, x-change kits, mags, whatever).

    PS - There is no hard sell when you call... they just take basic info so they can ship the case and coin to you and register you for access to the Legion branded items in the Sig store. On and off in less than 5 minutes (do this online now if you have no desire to speak to a human). Also, all Legions come with the typical Sig Sauer hard pistol case... the Legion branded case is just a bonus for those that care about stuff like that...
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      I dont like it !

      Whether its a marketing ploy or something more devious ..Sig will not be on my purchase list anywhere in the near future!

      FU SIG ! And your registration!



        Hey, that's why this country is great... you can choose not to buy something (or register it with the manufacturer)!

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          I also heard...there is a picture of Bloomberg in the lobby of their Portsmouth NH factory..

          Under it , it simply reads
          "We had was part of the deal"


            Oh the tin foil runs deep...


              In all seriousness, product registration for data mining is something companies do attempt to pull . As part of a government conspiracy , highly doubtful . Usually a receipt is sufficient to honor a warranty. I believe the law requires companies to disclose clearly whether product registration is required for warranty purposes .

              Sig is finding clever ways to renew interest in their line without creating completely new products . Package it as exclusive and elite and see how much bite they get. The Legions are beautiful and great shooters . I had the pleasure of shooting a friends Lwgion. It was awesome .