Colorful Ruger LC9s Models

It is said that in times of slow sales in the firearms industry, a wider variety of options, colors and calibers are offered in an effort to entice shooters to pull out their collective wallets. During panic buys, the opposite is true – manufacturers suspend production of niche guns and focus the manufacturing lines on the core group of fast selling models.

One doesn’t need to sit in on an earnings call to figure out where the market is at the moment. All one has to do is to browse gun company websites and see all of the bright colors, camo patterns, and hobbyist calibers to realize that the industry is in a slow to normal gun sales period.

As an example of that, Ruger is making a number of LC9s pistols in a wide range of colors and styling options. Some of these are made for Davidson’s, while others are made exclusively for the distributor TALO.