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My Swedish Lahti Broke. HELP!

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    My Swedish Lahti Broke. HELP!

    So I found a Swedish Lahti M40, traded a couple of safe queens and got a very good deal. It is an absolute tack 12 yards it puts seven in one modest sized hole. I love that gun.

    But my son was shooting it a while ago (115 gr. fmj, nothing special or powerful) and shooting it a lot better than me (he's a Marine vet) and all of a sudden the slide/bolt locked solid. I couldn't get it to move...and couldn't figure it out.

    My gunsmith had it a month and he tried everything....and still can't the bolt's on there solid. It moves back an forth a bit, but won't lock back or go into full battery.

    Now what do I do?

    I've got another, more experienced smith, I will take it to but I'm wondering if anyone has a reference to someone who specializes in these beauties. I've got a modest amount tied up in it and I like shooting it too much to make it a wall hanger.

    I live in Western Washington, but there's always FedEx.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    Not that this is going to help, but it couldn't hurt.
    Click the link for step by step field strip.

    Lahti M40.png