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CZ 75 Cutaway

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    CZ 75 Cutaway

    These cutaways are sometimes available from the importer. This one is from the collection of Vincent Pestilli Sr., whose agency, Pestilli and Associates, manages sales representatives for numerous European and US manufacturers (although not, to the best of our knowledge, CZ; we think Vin just took a shine to this and added it to his armory). He’s a former SF soldier and we connected with him through the SF Association. He has helped the Association get a deal on specially engraved Windham Weaponry rifles at a very attractive price and several of the guys that picked them are are very pleased with their quality, but that’s another story.Cutaway firearms are traditionally used to teach users or armorers how the firearm works; they’ve also been used as salesmen’s samples, so that the wholesaler or manufacturer’s representative can educate retail salesmen about the product. The US has traditionally used hugely oversize cutaway models so that a whole auditorium of incipient privates can learn at once (no doubt computer-graphic representations will replace these, if they haven’t already).
    Chuck at GunLab also has one (dude’s got one of everything!) and he has some pictures of it on his site.
    Cutaways of earlier Czechoslovak pistols used by the military occasionally turn up. They often have military acceptance marks and a marking indicating that they are Cvičny or Učebny, (“Exercise” or “Training”, sometimes just the “U” or “C”), but like this pistol, they lack proof marks and a proof date. Where that is usually found on a CZ, in the oval machined flat behind the ejection port, this one is blank.
    Everything functions on it, except, of course, that it would be an extremely bad idea to try to fire a round in it. Despite that, ATF considers this a normal Title I firearm and it would be transferred as any other conventional firearm.
    It’s probably illegal in Massachusetts, Cuba, North Korea and California, too


    Very interesting.

    I once had a cut-away of a 10 gauge Purdy Hammer Double with damascus barrels. Unfortunately, it had been in a fire long before I got it.

    Sadly, I traded it off for something I desperately needed far more than a cut-away Purdy. (Although I can't remember for the life of me what that was)!!


      Theres a whole subculture of collecting cutaway / training/ oversize armorer firearms. I know two guys who are collectors and have really interesting things. Cool stuff indeed!