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    Okay after pushing from another member I have purchased my first two Sig Sauer pistols. A model p228 and a MK25 awaiting delivery on both!!!!!!

    I'm sorry


      Should have bought 3 Glocks for that money.
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        Originally posted by class3 View Post
        Should have bought 3 Glocks for that money.


          Should've bought a legion


            Your going to love em. Watch out in the MK25, they've been have finishing issues.


            • Shamuscull
              Shamuscull commented
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              What type? Loss of finish, discoloration or both?

            Discoloration and loss of finish. Sig will take care of it.


              Congrats and enjoy! Get the SRT kit installed at least on your MK25... awesome reset!


              • Pitbull428
                Pitbull428 commented
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                True Dat!

              Very nice. A M25 and M11 are on my list.



                You'll love 'em. And be looking for more before you know it.

                I'm up to five now. Started with a basic and affordable 225/P6 and liked it a lot. Had Sig do their servicing package and added night sights and a trigger job.

                Then did an SP2022 to have one in polymer, but still hammer fired (it's now my bedside gun) and a bit of a "value" gun.

                Liked it so much I figured I'd get the "classic" and purchased an older 226 and had it serviced and night sights added (that Sig package is one of the better bargain packages in the pistol world).

                Then I figured I'd add a plastic striker fired model, which drove me to look at the 320. Which I bought.

                Then to atone for the sin of plastic and striker-fired, I did a 229.

                Whew. And it was sooooo easy....I just emptied the safe of stuff I wasn't shooting and now I'm just confused as my regular carry was a souped-up Shield and now the 320 carry version is sorta pushing it out of the daily rotation.

                I guess I've become a sorta Sig fan boy. But there's nothing about those guns I don't like.

                And now I want to go old school and find a 220 in 9mm (see a new post I'm putting up)


                  Oh yeah, as an FYI... the Sig Sauer Custom Shop is offering up to 20% off custom work through the end of this month for those with any interest:

                  Pistol Services:

                  - Spend over $100, get 15% off
                  - Spend over $150, get 20% off
                  - Spend over $250, get 20% off and free shipping

                  Introductory Rifle Services:

                  - Ultrasonic cleaning of any SIG SAUER Rifle (includes M400, 516, 556/556xi series, 716, MPX and MCX):

                  $99.95 (includes shipping)

                  View all Custom Shop Services

                  Call: (603) 610-3000, OPTION 1

                  Offer valid through June 30, 2016.


                  • xcentrk
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                    Thanks for the heads up! I have had my MK25 for a while and still am not in love with it at all. Going to try putting some work into it as I really want to like it.

                  • John060404
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                    You're welcome!

                  I'm a big Sig fan and the 228 may be my favorite. Congrats!
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                      Sham, P228 is by far my favorite. I'll admit I carry a Glock, but my first pistol was a 228 and I have 2 identical pistols both manufactured in 1992.

                      you will love them, enjoy


                        Originally posted by Shamuscull View Post
                        Okay after pushing from another member I have purchased my first two Sig Sauer pistols. A model p228 and a MK25 awaiting delivery on both!!!!!!
                        My Mk 25 is one of my favorite pistols. Weight, balance, fit and finish, grip, trigger (SRT is a must) and I shoot it well. Congrats, I'm sure you will like the gun.
                        If you are unsure about doing the SRT you are welcome to take mine for a spin and compare triggers.


                        • Dan 0351
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                          You just like it because it has an anchor on it.