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Desert Eagle, now with tiger stripes

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  • Desert Eagle, now with tiger stripes

    RAWR! Desert Eagle, now with tiger stripes

    The Desert Eagle in Dark Tiger Stripe trim. (Photo: Magnum Research, Inc.)

    The Magnum Research division of Kahr Firearms Group, of Greeley, Pennsylvania, announced Wednesday it’s taking orders for the .50 AE and .44 Magnum Desert Eagle in a new black tiger stripe pattern.

    The company is seeking to satisfy the tastes of gun enthusiasts who want to make a fashion statement to go with their big-caliber handgun.

    The dark tiger stripe model was introduced at SHOT Show 2016, but is just now available for sale. It’s the latest in the Desert Eagle animal print series. The first of the series, a cheetah pattern, was introduced in February 2015. There’s also a snakeskin finish.

    In .50 AE, the big handgun holds seven rounds. The .44 Magnum holds eight. Both models are 10.75 inches long with a six-inch barrel. Both weigh in at a bit less than 4.5 pounds empty.

    CNC machining is utilized in the manufacturing process, creating tight tolerances and consistency.

    It may be a beast, but it has its amenities. Anatomically-shaped grips assist with handling for rapid firing. A Weaver-style rail allows the user to add optics. The safety is ambidextrous.

    Frank Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Magnum Research, said, “to address those fans who want something ‘flashier’, we have introduced our handguns in multiple colors, polished gold or chrome and even animal prints.”

    The tiger-esque hand cannons are pricey. The 50 AE, model name DE50BTS, has an MSRP of $1,922. The 44 Magnum, called DE44BTS, is $1,895.

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    Day'um, I like that!


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      Beautiful work of art ... Outta my league.



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        Damn cool but too much money. I liked the distressed, zombie apocalypse version they had better


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          Looks like something out of a video game. I'm not a giant fan of this stuff. Although that does look nice.
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            Normally not my thing, but I really like it.


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              I think I have this download on call of duty .lol