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Lionheart LH9??

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  • bcwood64
    My friend has a LH9NC, its the compact one with the Novak sights on it. Its a good shooting pistol, and the Double Action + mode is really really sweet. The only thing I don't like about it is that the mags are pricey, there is no real aftermarket for it, and I don't like the grips that come with it. Other then that its a pretty cool pistol, and that Double Action + is sure great.

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  • Redcoat3340
    started a topic Lionheart LH9??

    Lionheart LH9??

    Anyone have any experience with a Lionheart LH9 or Daewoo (which it was based on)? Armslist has one for sale back in WA state for $450.

    I've always had a thing for "different" guns and this is one of them with a very interesting 3 way trigger system: traditional DA, then SA, and if you cock the hammer and then simply push it forward, it sets back into double action but, when you pull the trigger the takeup snaps it back to SA and it fires with a SA trigger pull weight.

    It is supposed to be the issue sidearm of the Korean Army (errr...that's South Korean) and reviews of both the manufacture and concept are generally good... but I'm wondering if anyone has any personal experience.

    I've got two unshot pistols waiting for me when I get back to WA state in August, a Sig 229 and Colt 9mm Government Competition model. Not sure I need a third new gun this summer....but this pistol has interested me for a couple of years...but I know no one who's ever fired one.