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school me on laser pistol training setups

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    school me on laser pistol training setups

    paging SHOmestyle ....

    I want to set up a laser training system for pistol. I feel like this will make dry firing a bit more real, and I'm not sure how much I like my mantis x training system.

    I want it to have a resetting trigger. I'd like to use my existing M&P pro.

    School me on options.

    Laser is better for me than pellet gun and trap in the basement, since a lot of this will be after hours when kids/house are asleep.

    open to getting a dry fire mag from these guys and going from there.

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    Funny I opened this without seeing your page haha

    I personally have not used a laser training system in a while. I DO have some perfect options that I used to use that you may be interested in. I'll send you a PM in a minute, but Coolfire trainer is a good system that gives you a laser (if you choose, I didn't use it) AND felt recoil. Benefits are that it uses YOUR gun and YOUR trigger, and the felt recoil does make you have to hold onto the gun properly. You can also set up malfunctions, slidelock reloads and the like. You get a few thousands cycles out of a typical paintball co2 can, which is easily filled at any paintball supply store as well. The things I don't care for about it is that per charge it doesn't last too long at full power. You may get 6-8 shots per charge at full power (light 9mm with no muzzle rise) and then it tapers off. Still good for sight tracking though. I used it quite a bit when I had my M&Ps and felt like it helped keep me fresh between live fire sessions. I actually sent it in and they freshly rebuilt it (their customer service was very good to me), so it is essentially brand new now since I sold the guns haha.

    Dryfire mag is a good way to get a resetting trigger, but I hear the trigger doesn't feel the same. I have no personal experience with this so take that for what it's worth.

    I do also have an M&P SIRT pistol that I used to use when I had my M&Ps. Works with normal M&P mags as well, and all holsters.

    My opinion for what you want, coolfire is a great way to go especially if you can't get to the range as often as you would like.
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      I have both a SIRT and (I forget the name) the lazer insert that lets you use your own gun. Neither mimic recoil.

      With the insert you have to rack the slide for every shot. It also uses a proprietary battery (actually several hearing aid batteries stacked up and tapped into a single unit).

      The SIRT has an adjustable trigger that lets you try to simulate your real gun.
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