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    Browning BDM

    Well, I've been "home" in Western Washington for less than a week and I already picked up a new pistol: a Browning BDM (Guess I answered my question about "when is enough?" Not now. Won't be 'till I find a Walther P4).

    Not one of the more usual offerings seen around, but one I've been interested in for a few years. Finally found one at a decent price....hell, finally found one that was actually for sale!

    9mm; not a Hi Power (but it sort of resembles one); really, really thin for a 15 round mag and it came with 4 mags; very unique mechanism that put sit into a traditional DA/SA pistol mode, or with the turn of a screwdriver into Double Action "revolver" mode.

    Safety acts a decocker; no mag safety ala BHP; all steel; okay sights but a mediocre trigger in DA and acceptable in SA (got some work for my smith, gonna see if he can work the same magic he did on my BHP).

    It was the top of Browning's line in the early 90's. Was their attempt to give law enforcement a semi-auto that could be used by LEOs transitioning from revolvers (put it into the DA only mode) but with the turn of dial would be a traditional DA/SA.

    Unfortunately, the Klinton high capacity mag ban killed its 15 round capacity advantage and an all-steel gun wasn't the way the world was going. No police or military contracts, it was "offered" on the civilian market and still no one wanted it.

    It's really a very clever gun, but one that probably solves a problem no one had.

    (And on a side note: We're free and clear of Riverhead, Long Island, and New York. The sale of our place in Riverhead is done; all our earthly possessions are on a truck somewhere between NY and WA; and boy of boy I am one happy fella.)

    Range report later this week.

    Here's some pics:

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    you come up with all the pistols i've never heard of! I like it just based on the weird factor alone.
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      Looks great.

      Congrats on the move


        That's a good piece, along with the Beretta 92G
        Take a young person shooting.... Take 2 or more if you can...


          Being a big Browning Hi-Power fan, I wanted one (BDM). I found one at The Camp-Site years ago, but when I held it I decided against it. Now I totally wish I bought it back then.

          Good luck with it.
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            I've heard of these, it was a good looking pistol. Good pickup!


              Originally posted by Volkosupply View Post
              you come up with all the pistols i've never heard of! I like it just based on the weird factor alone.
              I've got three more unusual ones on the "list:" Walther P4 (the 4" barrel version of the P38/P1); a Daewoo P51 or Lionheart (there's one for sale on Armslist here in WA) and a Tanfoglio FAB92, which is a CZ75 variant. I've had three CZ 75s, one an original, and two Tanfoglio copies and couldn't shoot any of them worth a damn and sold em all. Maybe one more time.

              But what think I'm really going to do is sell my last couple of safe queens (two Stars and a SW990L) and pick up another Sig...a 938. Don't have a compact 1911 and it gets great reviews.

              Of course I haven't made the rounds here yet of pawn shops and LGSs so I'm not sure what folks have in the cases.


                well a two fold congrats is in order , how effing great did it feel to leave this liberal sandbar for the last time knowing you have no reason to come back if you do not want to, and then to celebrate with purchase of a 15 round pistol w/4 mags , I am jealous enjoy both freedom and pistol


                  Just to close this thread....I didn't buy the Sig 938, but found a great deal on a Sig 250 (and yes, I know it's been discontinued and it's DAO, but its in great shape, the trigger is damned good and it compliments my Sig 320). I came with one FCM (the actual registered "gun" and two conversion kits...a compact size (grip, barrel, slide) with SigNite sights and one mag and a subcompact (slide with SigNite sights, barrel and four 12 round mags) and pretty good IWB holster for $450. I was over that like a cold sweat. I did sell a S&W 990L and two Stars to finance it...but I've got a decent amount left over and my LGS says he's getting a Walther P4 in on Tuesday. So there goes my profit.

                  Range report and pics after the weekend.


                    Took the BDM to the range today. Quite an experience.



                    EVER: ANY WHERE, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE!!

                    Okay, it was up against three tough guns....a Sig 229 (DA like butter, SA amazing); a Sig 250 (long but smooth DA) and my pretty regular carry a Sig 320.

                    But even if I'd a had a rubber band gun today, the BDM trigger would have been worse.

                    Took five shots and then dumped the mag and that was it for that gun for the day.

                    Next week to the smith and we'll see if he can work some magic. Otherwise....anyone want to buy a nice BDM...only put a half mag through it.

                    (On the plus side, it feels great in the hand, sights are okay, and it's in good shape.)


                      Originally posted by Dan 0351 View Post
                      Being a big Browning Hi-Power fan, I wanted one (BDM). I found one at The Camp-Site years ago, but when I held it I decided against it. Now I totally wish I bought it back then.

                      Good luck with it.
                      also a fan of high powers , wanted this also . can not buy one now as no ten round mags


                        I've owned 3 Browning 9mm guns. HP, BPM-D and another one I think it was called HPDA or maybe BDA, can't remember. All beutifull, elegant all steel guns. But the trigger on all was way below average per today's standards. So I sold them, no regrets. I kept the BPM-D because it is so rare, but that one will go too :-(