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    That's why I was asking. Never had a drop leg and I'm well aware that it is not an ideal set up. I was just thinking what are the best people in pew-pew business are using for that.


      Originally posted by Russian View Post
      I think that side weist holster could be a great overall place for a side arms. But it makes it not readily accessible. Front of LBV's is accupied by rifle mags (center), lower front to side taken by grenades or other explosives, front upper left side taken by radio, fighting knife and small first aid kit, front right side for rifle but Stock when operated, left lower backside is for gas mask, right lower back side is for canteen. Day pack on central back side is for spare ammo, larger Med-kit, MRE and a few small items. Backpack is for general stuff.

      Now, do you still think to strap the pistol to your chest?
      Geezus Krist, I can just see you back in the day...