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Handgun Black Powder cheap

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    Handgun Black Powder cheap

    I'm ordering some triple F (FFFG) handgun powder for myself. Brand name Triple Seven Hogdon. T73.
    Since I have to pay the same Hazmat fee for one can or ten, , I'll gladly sell cheap some to anyone that needs it.
    $25.00 per pound. Usually around $35.00 plus Hazmat shipping fee.

    Let me know right away, I'm ordering today or tomorrow.


    "Triple Seven Granulated FFFG is the same great powder as FFG with smaller grain size. It is intended for use in pistols and rifles of 50 caliber and smaller. It contains no sulfur, so there are no strong smells and clean-up is easy for rifle and hands with plain water."

    LI Ammo, 2 Larkfield Rd. East Northport, open seven days