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What Handgun can shoot these 6 different rounds?

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    A Siegfried and Roy? They handled any load they could put in them.


      Smith and Wesson 625


        Smith 460 with moon clips.


          Thought it was the Medusa but that only came out in 9mm flavors.


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            I have wanted one of those ever since I read the Tom Clancy Net Force series. One of the main characters carries one.

          Originally posted by Snakebill View Post
          Smith 460 with moon clips.
          This ^^^^ seeing is believing
          A .45acp says go away in any language ~ Clint Smith


            Originally posted by Aquabach View Post
            So we're in PA driving back after shooting clays and I yell to ANYGUNWILLDOIFUWILLDO like Natalie Wood in the Christmas movie Miracle on 34th street :" Stop the car! Stop the car!"

            Because I saw this:


            I mean wow! A Zen Garden!!!
            But it was closed ,so we went into Hillbilly Shootin Irons instead.
            The owner; Russ looks like a cross between a hillbilly and an old biker. ( He's both)
            He sells reloads and reloading supplies

            What a wealth of knowledge this guy has. A little bat shit crazy too ,which just added to the overall ambiance of the place.

            So here's a photo of 6 boxes of ammo that can fire from one handgun. Box you can't fully read is 45 Schofield.
            Box that is blanked out is the round the handgun is made for. Hint it's not a 45
            So What handgun is it?
            That backstory is 💯 % true. I’m driving along heading home after an awesome day of clays and he’s like stop the truck! We were both bummed out initially when they were closed but vowed to go back another time. I believe we were in there damn near 90-120mins talking to Russ when we saw him open at a later date.
            A .45acp says go away in any language ~ Clint Smith


              Nice story.
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