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  • Ruger Single Six

    Finally got to take my new (used) Single Six for a spin (revolver humor) today. This was a Karps clean out the safes special, got it in .22.
    It shoots beautifully, I had to tweak the rear sights a bit but that was no big deal. Ran about 120 rds through it at 7 and then 10 yds.
    I forgot how dirty it can be shooting .22, especially .22 revolver. Having to eject each casing individually and the carbon on my left hand because of hand placement just behind and below the
    Felt good to take the time to shoot slowly and enjoy each shot rather than just punching holes in paper.
    +1 on the Ruger SS
    +1 Karps
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    Ruger makes some awesome revolvers. Good luck with it and remember your good buddy Pat if you decide to part with it.
    Pat ------> NRA Lifetime Endowment Member #FAAFO


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      Thanks. Tom!..after admiring the picture I can feel the urge stirring within me to purchase a single action


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        I have a Single Six and love it mine came with 2 cylinders one is for 22 mags.
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          Very nice, congrats.
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            Congrats, I have one in stainless great gun.