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S.C.P.D. 25 year Commemorative

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    HOLLY shit. Sounds like My wife has been lied to big time. [ there are 5 daughters and an adopted son who is a felon bag of shit] Before I go further I'll have Wifey ask the Sister [ executor of the will] who Took one of the 3 What she took and reg. on her permit. Even ask her is it silver ? [she is not a gun person.]
    A bit of back ground, the oldest sister lives florida, she drove up for the funeral then quickly left. she is the one who said Dad sold it long ago. Gonna have Wifey check that out as well. She just might have taken it. Although I doubt we will get a straight answer.
    Note The one who took the Gun and reg. it , also told my wife the other two were reported Missing. [gee I wonder ?? ] The common thought is that the brother took them when alone in the house.
    Now I another note. Like H.G. said We have the folding knife in Buck, In the leather pouch. It has A Scpd Shield on the handle and 25 Commemorative on the blade.
    Thanks very much for all your help.
    I have all or most of his leather holsters. After she picks what she wants, any left over is up for grabs. You guys get first shot. [ pun]
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    Better to have A gun in your hand, then a Cop on the phone