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My father's old Idaho State Police revolver

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    Originally posted by Dan 0351 View Post

    Been looking for that "FBI gun" for a long time - very pricey. Post pics!

    If the 13/65 and 19/66 are my favorite revolvers - the 3" versions are my favorite of those. With the rare 3" 66 my pinnacle.

    Here most of my 3" 65's and 66's, and a couple 2 1/4" thrown in. I do have another 3" 66 somewhere, acquired after this photo. These are in Model order, but I have a couple of 19's floating around also.


    I used to kid about it, but maybe you do have an addiction. I feel like I'm a little guilty having 'pushed' a few guns your way.
    Just promise me you won't go to rehab.

    LI Ammo, 2 Larkfield Rd. East Northport, open seven days


      Now I have to find a Model 10/64 or a Model 13/65 with the 3" barrel. It never ends, but that's part of the fun.