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Two Limited Edition Ruger Revolvers

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    Two Limited Edition Ruger Revolvers

    Two Limited Edition Ruger Revolvers

    Sturm, Ruger & Co, Inc. is offering a pair of exclusive single action revolvers through its distributing partner TALO. One is a Vaquero stainless model and the other is a New Model Single Six Convertible.

    Vaquero Stainless

    This revolver is a .45 Colt chambered single action gun that holds six rounds in the charge holes. The high gloss stainless steel finish is rich with scrollwork on the frame, barrel and cylinder. A set of rich red-brown hardwood grips is a nice compliment to the gun’s finish.

    Ruger equipped this Vaquero with a 5.5″ cold hammer forged barrel and added a quarter moon blade front sight on the far end. The rear sight is integral to the top strap on the frame. Overall, this gun is 11.12″ long and weighs right at 40 ounces unloaded. It ships in a hard plastic carrying case. TALO states the company only expects to sell 500-1000 of this model.

    New Model Single Six Convertible

    Many rimfire shooters like convertible revolvers, and this Single Six is likely to catch the eye of many of them. Also a stainless finished gun, only the cylinders have scrollwork instead of the frame and barrel work the Vaquero has. The hardwood grips are engraved, adding a subtle style that matches the cylinder work.

    Two cylinders are included to allow the owner to swap between .22 LR and .22 WMR cartridges. The capacity of each is six rounds. The barrel length is 6.5″ and the gun weighs about 39 ounces. This gun also ships in a hard plastic case.
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    Pat ------> NRA Endowment Member

    I like those.


      Cool. Where can I order one?


        I have bought them both separately if I had an idea they would do this I would have waited.