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Basics for local USPSA and IDPA matches

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    Basics for local USPSA and IDPA matches

    Unless specifically mentioned, USPSA/IPSC, IDPA (Style), and/or Defensive matches are HANDGUN ONLY.
    ETA:USPSA has added a Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) division, so even those w/o a handgun license can come shoot. PCC is at LIPSA only, not at Freeport.

    You DO NOT have to be a member of Freeport R&R, LIPSA, or any sanctioning organization to participate in any matches. They are open to the public.

    Freeport is hoping to put out some sort of online schedule in the future. For now, we rely on emails from one of the Match Directors. Once you participate in a match, you will be added to Mike's list.
    LIPSA's schedule can be found here:

    Freeport runs USPSA matches the first weekend of the month, (even if the first of the month is a Sunday), IDPA style matches the second. The same course of fire will be run both days, with Saturdays usually starting at 1330, Sundays at 0800. If there is room, you can shoot one day or both, but you must shoot different classes, and pay separately. Freeport is usually four stages, rarely, but occasionally five.
    LIPSA is usually Sunday only, unless it's a special, larger match such as the Long Island Championship (LIC) and often six, seven, or eight stages. The match schedule will have the course descriptions posted.

    USPSA and IDPA/Defensive matches consist of shooting at cardboard torso shaped targets at near point blank, up to 15 yards at Freeport, due to the physical constraints of the range. LIPSA can be a bit further.
    The targets are very similar in size, with the scoring zones varying slightly. The targets will be at different distances, heights, spacings, etc., with shooting boxes, barrels, obstacles, walls, ports (windows). There are occasional falling steel poppers, swinging targets, and rotating Texas Stars, which can be challenging. Each stage will have a course description with exact instructions on how the stage is intended to be shot. You can YooToob Freeport or LIPSA, USPSA or IDPA to see some old videos. For Privacy reasons, both ranges request that any cell phone or GoPro vids be for your private use only, and not posted online anywhere.

    While similar, some of the differences between USPSA and IDPA style are:
    USPSA has a maximum of 32 rounds per stage, thus requiring a minimum of four mags. Since 2010, I've needed a fifth mag maybe 3-4 times. It would have been nice, but not required. Four mags will be good for 99% of the time.
    IDPA is capped at 18 per stage, and you can get away with three mags. Official IDPA rules actually state you are to have only two mags on your belt. At the local club level, this is rarely enforced, as it gives minimal, if any advantage. Freeport does not require a cover garment for IDPA, but you can use one if you'd like. LIPSA requires one for their Defensive matches.

    Whatever the posted round count is, bring extra, in case a reshoot is required. Common causes for a reshoot would be a fallen target, an equipment failure, or somebody forgot to record your time for a stage. Also, round counts given are a minimum. If there is a moving target, steel, or you just think you threw a shot, makeups are allowed, unless specifically mentioned in the course description.

    USPSA can reload anytime, on the move. IDPA requires mags to be empty before they are dropped, and reloads must be done behind cover, or a penalty is (should be) imposed.

    As far as equipment, you will need a centerfire handgun, 9mm/.38 Super and up in a semi, .38 and up in a revolver. No Magnum calibers. An OWB holster that completely covers the trigger. No IWB, shoulder holsters, or drop-type rigs allowed, the exception being drop-type rigs are GTG for active duty Military or LE. Mag holders would be nice, but you can use pockets to start.

    Freeport: No mags over 10 round capacity, unless you are an active duty LEO, and can prove it. If you bring any formerly pre-ban mags, you will be asked to leave.

    As far as rules:

    IDPA matches are not officially sanctioned, and cost $10. USPSA matches are sanctioned, and cost $20 at Freeport, $25 at LIPSA. The exception for both are larger, special matches such as the Summer Blast and The Long Island Championship (LIC).

    The most important rule is "The 180". Any infraction of breaking an imaginary 180o plane up or down, and/or side to side, with the muzzle at any point during a course of fire, is grounds for an immediate DQ. No questions, no recourse, you are done for the day. You will not receive a refund.

    Other grounds for a DQ are an AD/ND of any type (most common during a mag change with your finger inside the trigger guard), or dropping of your handgun.

    Please keep in mind as far as matches are concerned , Freeport, as well as LIPSA are cold ranges. Please make sure your gun is clear, with the mag out, at all times, until your are on the firing line, and given the command to make ready. Having even an empty mag in your gun while not on the firing line is also grounds for a DQ.

    If you have never shot a match before, please show up around 30-60 minutes early, and let somebody know it is your first match. You will get a quick rundown of the rules, and shown where the safe area is. It will also give you time to sign up, prep your equipment, and get squadded with some guys who will take time to work with you.

    Just some friendly advice. During the summer months, sun screen is highly advisable. There is very little shade, especially at LIPSA. Freeport is not much better. Comfortable footwear is also a great idea, as you will be spending most of the time standing.

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, or post here, and I will do what I can to get whatever info you need.

    Short of explaining scoring which I can read about online, how do the two compare and contrast in determining final scores? Speed seems to count a great deal more In USPSA. Would that mean that accuracy counts more in IDPA?


      Originally posted by Llaara View Post
      Short of explaining scoring which I can read about online, how do the two compare and contrast in determining final scores? Speed seems to count a great deal more In USPSA. Would that mean that accuracy counts more in IDPA?
      Generally speaking, I would say yes. IDPA penalizes more heavily for bad hits and misses. It's much harder to overcome bad hits with blazing speed in IDPA. USPSA is more a balanced scoring system that takes into account the speed, hits, and power of what you are shooting. In USPSA you are trying to score as many points as possible in the least amount of time.


        Unless specifically mentioned, USPSA/IPSC, IDPA (Style), and/or Defensive matches are HANDGUN ONLY.
        Hopefully, not for much longer. [insert Dr. Evil laugh]


          Originally posted by Rendar View Post

          Hopefully, not for much longer. [insert Dr. Evil laugh]
          What Nick is referring to is the PCC division. Unfortunately at Freeport this will never come to be. The range is pistol only on the one side and that doesn't allow for people to shoot rifle. As of now Pcc isn't being allowed in LIPSA matches but that may change... How, we're not sure yet.... It might be members only, it might be people with pistol licenses, it may eventually be open to all. Right now the uspsa matches are overflowing at LIPSA so we're probably not going to allow non pistol shooters to shoot rifle in these matches. I'll be sure to update when the board makes its final decision
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