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Machete Attack - Hempstead State Park

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    Machete Attack - Hempstead State Park

    WEST HEMPSTEAD, Long Island (WABC) --
    Three people were injured in an attack at a state park on Long Island Monday afternoon.

    The incident happened just after 3:30 p.m. at Hemstead Lake State Park involved both a knife and machete, sources told Eyewitness News

    We're told those injured are minors, and one of the victims is in critical condition. There's no word yet on the conditions of the other two victims.

    Sources said police are looking for at least four people involved in the attack.

    Keep checking abc7NY for the latest on this developing story.

    The incident happened just after 3:30 p.m. at Hemstead Lake State Park and involved both a knife and machete, sources told Eyewitness News.

    Maybe, because they were outlawed in NYC, the misunderstood youths decided to take their machete's for a road trip?

    Why do we always have to assume the worst?

    True freedom and our inherent responsibility:


      There was a Scout camporee there yesterday, glad it wasn't then
      Take a young person shooting.... Take 2 or more if you can...


        This story is a shame for a lot of reasons. The lake is really beautiful and tranquil.

        Until recently, I avoided hiking around the lake because I was concerned about crime.

        I heard/read some bad stories growing up. It was even reported that a woman’s torso was found at the park back in 1997

        I had a renewed interest in the park when I recently read that someone left the park $750,000 in his will. Now I am not sure if I will go back.

        I heard similar stories growing up about Belmont Lake State Park, but Belmont has improved tremendously in recent years.

        On a “lighter” note, the below story about Hempstead Lake State Park appeared in Newsday back in 2002.

        The lake dried up due to a heat wave, and five handguns and four shotguns were recovered in the lake bed.

        I remember reading about it at that time. The story no longer appears on, but can be found elsewhere.

        Thank God that the "deteriorating guns pose[d] little danger to the environment".

        “Mystery Guns of Hempstead Lake”

        As water levels plummet, discarded weapons surface
        By Zachary R. Dowdy

        August 30, 2002

        Intense summer heat and anemic rainfall combined to drain water holes on Long Island, including the big one at Hempstead Lake State Park.

        The extended dry spell that left many lakes bone-dry in some spots led to the discovery of a cache of guns that apparently had been tossed into Hempstead Lake, Park Police Chief Richard O'Donnell said.

        Wedged between gaping cracks on the desiccated lake floor were the rusty and mud-filled remains of as many as nine guns or parts of guns - five handguns and four shotguns, O'Donnell said.

        The first firearm was spotted Aug. 11 and the discovery of several others prompted a more thorough search, complete with metal detectors, amid what appear to be fault lines in the 167-acre lake. The search continued until yesterday when heavy rains shut down the investigation, at least for now.

        "They were discovered pretty much by accident," O'Donnell said of the stockpile that ranged from handguns to shotguns. "There were people in the vicinity of the lake and a few state workers conducting a survey and they observed a gun sticking out of the mud."

        George Gorman, director of administration for state parks, said engineers who were analyzing the area made the unusual find in the lake which at its deepest spot is between 12 and 14 feet. It was once estimated to contain 298 million gallons of water.

        "Our engineering staff is currently doing work surveying and determining what course of action we need to do to make some of the repairs necessary" to one of the dams that connect the lakes, Gorman said.

        Gorman said the drought has killed off at least 2,000 fish this summer, but that the water level has been receding for many years. Several seasons of light snowfall and lower than average rainfalls have done little to stem the drying trend, he said.

        O'Donnell said the guns and gun parts have been collected and will be analyzed at the Nassau County Crime lab to determine if they were used in crimes. Nassau County police are assisting. O'Donnell said the search will be continued when conditions change.

        "Once they get cleaned up and if there are any recoverable numbers, then we can find out," said Det. Lt. Kevin Smith, a spokesman for Nassau police.

        The pieces vary - a pistol grip here and a trigger guard there were sprinkled along the lake floor along with a .22-caliber revolver and a 20-gauge shotgun.

        State Department of Environmental Conservation spokesman Mark Lowery said the deteriorating guns pose little danger to the environment, adding that while their metal corrodes in the water, it has less impact than the hundreds of pounds of car parts and other materials routinely dumped in the lake.


          My bet is on gang violence. MS-13.
          “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin


            Cumho will claim that this knife fight is the SAFE Act working. " if it wasn't for the SAFE act these scholars of tomorrow would have used 35 round clips and assault machine guns that conservative Christians owned and left laying around ".


              6 guys attacked 3 guys. sounds like gangs, especially by Hempstead HS


                Originally posted by Engineco54 View Post
                6 guys attacked 3 guys. sounds like gangs, especially by Hempstead HS
                Newsday reported today that a suspect was arrested. He is a 17 year old MS-13 gang member.

                I feel so much safer now.


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                  Shocked, just shocked I tell you.

                well that is interesting, didn't the law about machetes exclude that specific nationality or imergrants I kinda remember reading some bs that they were excluded, I do not remember the specifics though