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Gang War In Huntington Station

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    Gang War In Huntington Station

    There was another hit Tuesday night. Supposedly it was retaliation for the shooting on Saturday night. Everybody in this one is black.
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    As long as the gang bangers keep killing each other no one will give a shit...


      Turning into Little Chi-Town it seems.
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        Article or link?
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          Is this the incident on saturday? Couldn't find anything for today/this week.

          "A man was killed and another injured during a Huntington Station shooting that occurred Saturday morning, police say.

          According to authorities, a large group of people were standing outside a home on the 200-block of 5th Avenue at 3:30 a.m. when two people were shot.

          Antoine Butts-Miller, 18, of Huntington Station was taken to Huntington Hospital by Huntington Community First Aid Squad where he was pronounced dead. A 31-year-old man was also taken to an area hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds and released."

          “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin


            Tuesday night the Saturday night shooter was taken out on E. 5th St. Nothing in the papers. My right hand lives on E 6th. He had a hard time getting home.
            Giza Development: Building and Renovating Pyramids of Distinction Since 2435 BC 631-427-1691 (Beware the Sea People)


              Originally posted by Synner View Post
              Article or link?
              Just the word on the street.

              Giza Development: Building and Renovating Pyramids of Distinction Since 2435 BC 631-427-1691 (Beware the Sea People)


                If you're only reading about it - multiply by 10.
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                  bad thing is when a innocent person is walking by and gets shot.
                  happens to many times unfortunately
                  let's make america great again


                    And in other news, the sun will rise tomorrow morning.


                      That why God gave us armor, helmets and ability to sprint from cover to cover. if you cant move to the better neighborhood, learn that.


                        Stay safe boys


                          #blacklivestakenbyblacksdontmattertoblacklivesmatt er
                          When they kick out your front door
                          How you gonna come?
                          With your hands on your head
                          Or on the trigger of your gun?


                            Gang violence in Huntington Station has been bad for quite some time.

                            According to media reports the gangs in Huntington Station include “MS-13”, “Latin Kings”, “Southside Posse”, “Tip Top Boyz”, “Old Station Soldiers”, and “Eight Trey Crips”.

                            Back in 2010 an intermediate school was closed for three years because the surrounding area was deemed too dangerous due to gang activity. They were concerned that students may get shot walking to and from school (

                            The town is now implementing a plan where armed park rangers will patrol the town parks and surrounding streets.

                            It is good to have another set of eye and ears on the streets but this won’t solve the problem.

                            “Huntington Station parks to be patrolled by armed park rangers”

                            Updated May 9, 2016 8:23 PM
                            By Deborah S. Morris


                            Huntington officials plan to hire armed park rangers to be assigned to parks in Huntington Station.

                            Town Supervisor Frank Petrone said he will be starting the program and briefing staff this week about hiring three or four part-time park rangers, likely retired police officers. It’s one of several safety measures town officials and Suffolk County police are undertaking before the summer season.

                            Town officials, police and residents have been meeting regularly about issues in Huntington Station, including revitalization projects — planned and underway — and crime. New safety measures, including adding the park rangers, were being considered before shootings last month in Huntington Station.

                            “This is an option, not a solution to the problem . . . it’s another dimension of having a presence,” Petrone said of adding armed park rangers. “When you have a presence it makes certain people uncomfortable because they know they have eyes and ears on them.”

                            He said the park rangers would also have jurisdiction in the streets surrounding the parks.

                            The rangers would have peace officer status, which allows them to carry guns, and will patrol parks including Manor Field, Depot Road, and the plaza on New York Avenue and Olive Street. Petrone said a separate group of public safety officers will also soon be visible conducting foot patrols along New York Avenue and Depot Road.

                            Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said the county has begun to put more resources in Huntington Station: increased patrols; the Fire Arm Suppression Team, also known as FAST, an “elite” group of officers charged with getting illegal firearms off the street; increased coordination of Second Precinct detectives with FAST, the FBI and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and an enhanced strategy to combat narcotics. Bicycle patrols will soon join the list, Sini said.

                            “We’re going to hunker down,” Sini said. “We’ll start now before the summer months come to hopefully get ahead of that uptick that typically comes with warmer days. We’ll keep the pressure on and hopefully we will see results.”

                            On May 4, police arrested two men in an April 23 shooting that injured a man at the Huntington Station LIRR parking lot. Police said the shooting appeared to be drug-related.

                            Also on April 23, someone fired shots at two men standing in the driveway of a home on East Sixth Street about 10:15 p.m., police said. Some bullets struck a home while others hit a vehicle in the driveway next door.

                            On April 26, police responding to a ShotSpotter activation in Huntington Station found spent bullet casings on the ground, but could not find anyone who’d witnessed someone firing a gun.

                            Petrone said the recent shootings seem to be isolated, gang-related or personal disagreements.

                            “It’s not an all-out shooting spree in Huntington Station,” Petrone said. “We see this in the spring; it’s almost like a calendar event. I think the signal here is how do we deal with this before it happens.”

                            Jim McGoldrick, a lifelong Huntington Station resident and community activist, said he is encouraged by the town’s plans and “ecstatic” about the county police reaction to residents’ concerns.

                            “If anybody thinks they are going to live in a crime-free area today, they are rudely mistaken,” McGoldrick said. “But we are moving in the right, positive direction.”

                            Robert Rockelein, a Huntington Station resident for six years, said with several revitalization plans coming to fruition — Renaissance Downtowns Gateway Plaza and the Northridge projects, plus plans for increased lighting and sidewalks along Depot Road — he hopes it will spur improvements in other areas of the hamlet.

                            “Over the last several decades, I have witnessed about a dozen neighborhoods literally go from ‘rags to riches’ and transformed from areas that you look to avoid, to areas that you would aspire to live and work in,” he said. “Huntington Station can be that kind of place. It has spent too long as the sequestered stepsister to the Huntington village area; its Cinderella story is long overdue.”


                              I thought Huntington was a "safe haven" 🤔