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truck crashed through the gates of the Naval Air Station Base - and why I'm pissed off

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    truck crashed through the gates of the Naval Air Station Base - and why I'm pissed off

    OK, OK, story below.
    But what is seriously chapping my ass is that we have come to use the term "undocumented immigrants" and not even thinking about it.
    They're not undocumented - they're illegal! Border crashers! Criminals who knowingly broke the law.
    2016 - undocumented immigrants. Looters are undocumented shoppers. What the hell happened?
    Rant over.

    KINGSVILLE (Kiii News) - Authorities in Kingsville reported to 3News Saturday that a truck crashed through the gates of the Naval Air Station Base in Kingsville. The crash was around 8 p.m.
    A pickup truck containing an estimated 15 suspected undocumented immigrants tried to force entry at the gates of the base after being followed by a Border Patrol unit.
    Security personnel responded and initiated the protection protocols by issuing the final denial barrier. The truck crashed into the barrier, injuring those inside.
    Five of the passengers were transported to a local hospital and one was airlifted to Corpus Christi Spohn Hospital.
    As of 11 p.m Saturday, twelve were in custody, but two women and a man fled the car and took off running on the base, sparking a manhunt.
    All three were located and arrested hours later. As of Sunday afternoon, three passengers were still in the hospital, while three others were released and then arrested.

    Authorities in Kingsville reported to 3News Saturday that a van crashed at the Naval Air Station Base in Kingsville..

    And a US military facility can not secure itself from a single vehicle. Or one flipped out Major.


      Well at least they're getting the best of medical treatment on the American taxpayers dime
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      • Lovemyglock
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        You read my mind.

        This whole undocumented thing is a joke. And a bad one at that.

        If they pulled this crap in a few other countries that come to mind their families would never see them again.

        So sick of this crap but I'm thrilled they were the ones that were hurt and not any of our guys

      • xcentrk
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        I was thinking the same thing when I read that... helicopter ride is not cheap as well.

      I'm more pissed off that they didn't flick the safety off the M240 and hose the car down since is was a threat.