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+1 Pharmacy Clerk in Levittown, PA

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    +1 Pharmacy Clerk in Levittown, PA

    Chalk one up for the good guys!

    LEVITTOWN, Pa. (WPVI) --
    Police say a man is dead after an attempted robbery in a Levittown, Bucks County pharmacy.

    It happened Friday morning at the Pennsbury Pharmacy on New Falls Road.

    According to police, two men entered the pharmacy, and one of them was wearing a rubber mask and armed with a shotgun.

    The armed man hopped the counter and tried to rob the store, but a clerk in the store fired a gun and killed the would-be robber.

    The other suspect, who was apparently the getaway driver, was arrested at the scene still inside of his car.

    Police say he was unaware of the shooting.

    I'll add that I think it takes a brass set of balls to go Pistol vs Shotgun....Good for the clerk! One less skell to rob again!
    The escape is nowhere near complete. The inventor of LIBERAL fishing. (soon to be seen on ESPN 45 because the 44th never worked.)

    I just love a story with a happy ending,