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2 teens fatally shot while breaking to Michigan home

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    2 teens fatally shot while breaking to Michigan home

    Authorities say a double shooting early Wednesday morning occurred after two teens tried to break into a Springport Township, Michigan, home and were met by the armed homeowner.

    A call was placed to the police department just before 7 a.m. and when officers arrived on the scene, they found the two teen boys deceased in a field close to the home, located in a rural area of northwest Jackson County.

    Springport Police Chief Dave Luce told a local NBC affiliate the initial investigation indicated the suspects were breaking into the house when the suspects and the homeowner became engaged in a confrontation that Luce said “turned deadly.”

    The police chief also said a third person was involved in the attempted break-in and taken into custody. It’s unknown if that individual remains in custody or has been charged.

    The homeowner was detained for questioning immediately after the shooting, but has since been released. No charges have been filed against him.

    Following notification of next of kin, the deceased suspects were publicly identified as Matthew Lyle McMillen and Hunter Scott Lentz, both of Jackson County and both 18 years old.

    Area residents were shocked to hear about the shooting, but also noted this wasn’t the first break-in either. In fact, one neighbor told reporters there had been several break-ins over the past few months. Luce said they aren’t sure if the suspects may have been responsible for any prior burglaries, but that’s something they will look at during the investigation.

    Resident Walter Dittis, whose way home Wednesday morning was blocked by the State Crime Lab, said Springport is typically a quiet place, one where neighbors look out for one another. When he learned about the break-in and subsequent shooting, he said, “It’s crazy.”

    The investigation, in which the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police are assisting, is ongoing. Once the investigation is completed, Chief Luce said the case will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s pffice to determine whether any charges will be filed.

    Residents say there have been a number of break-ins over the last few months, but investigators aren’t sure yet if the deceased suspects were responsible.

    Found in a field near the home? weird.


    • Idiocracy
      Idiocracy commented
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      they probably ran after they got plugged.

    • Lovemyglock
      Lovemyglock commented
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      yup, that occurred to me right after I posted. der

    They don't always drop dead on the spot. Being young and in (presumably) good shape they could have run on fear and adrenaline for a good distance, like a gut shot deer.


      Shot placement makes a difference in how long they run too!


        This is what happens when you go looking to rob somebody. Glad they left the guys house, he doesn't have to clean up a bloody mess. Good guy PLUS 1, bad guys gone from the earth, problem solved.
        stay alive, carry a 45


          Matthew Lyle McMillen and Hunter Scott Lentz?
          Those names don't sound like they were a Dindu.
          Good for the homeowner. No one will give a shit about these mutts.
          Cracker Criminal lives Don't Matter. Which is a good thing
          "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


            Why would charges be filed? They were breaking into his home, threatening the homeowner and those residing in the home.
            “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are." - Benjamin Franklin