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    Originally posted by Russian View Post

    Your other option is DD which sells you a dirty water as coffee or the place in Garden City which serves Greek donkey piss- hot or iced.
    You have a beautiful way with words sir.


      Originally posted by imrich View Post
      Mr. Shultz, I respectfully decline your request in favor of my constitutional rights and I, your employees and your customers are better of for it. Mr. Shultz, in this, you are an idiot.
      2020 POTUS candidate in waiting.


        Originally posted by Diesel1 View Post

        Please don't compare what's made in this

        With the crap they serve in Starbucks. I've heard from a local coffee roaster, that Starbucks uses inferior beans which means they have to roast them longer to get flavor out. That's the biggest reason for the burnt taste.

        IMHO - the fact that people don't realize that SB can open stores with blocks of each other and both stores be successful means they charge way too much for coffee is beyond me.

        If you enjoy it, enjoy it......but don't insult short fat Italian grandma's by comparing the coffee from made in the above above with Starbucks....most of them would probably hit you with a wooden spoon if they heard that.
        Fair enough. To each his own. But when you’re away from home, out in the world and it comes down to a choice between them and Double D (not the kind that normally shows up as your avatar) I’m going with the burnt black and bitter. I would never insult my Nana.