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Luckily One Man Disregarded Startbucks Firearms Policy...

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    Luckily One Man Disregarded Startbucks Firearms Policy...

    ...and concealed carried at one in Utah. It was into that Starbucks that a man reportedly identified as Benjamin Scott Overall burst onto the scene and allegedly started to attack a Starbucks barista. After reportedly beating her savagely, Overall allegedly "aggressively" turned on a male customer in his 60s who had just witnessed the attack on the barista. Reportedly, the man - evidently fearing for his own safety and believing that Overall was about to attack him - drew a concealed handgun (for which he had a permit) and shot Overall in the chest.

    Oddly enough, after the attack, the barista was actually thankful that the man was armed, was in Starbucks and shot the suspect. Imagine that - from a Starbucks employee!

    More at the source.