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Oklahoma state senator charged with manslaughter in crash

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    Originally posted by Grifhunter View Post
    I don't agree with prosecuting negligence as murder. These situations belong in the civil tort system rather than criminal courts.
    Murder trials are for dark-hearted people who intend to bring injury or death. Reckless? Yes. But manslaughter is ridiculous for doing 16 over the speed limit.
    Unsafe speed for conditions as well. It wasn;t just the speed it was ignoring the unsafe conditions which possibly dictated slower than the speed limit.
    While I agree prosecuting negligence as murder is bad, but manslaughter is not murder.
    Her negligence caused the death of a person. that belongs in criminal courts more than anything IMO.
    It's not all about money. Which is the only thing civil courts can do for a judgement

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      All I know is another Senate seat just opened up!


        Originally posted by ajoe59 View Post
        All I know is another Senate seat just opened up!
        State Senate, but she lost to a R anyway.


          How did they know her speed anyway?