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Refugee "Kids" Rape 5 yr old and film it.

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    Refugee "Kids" Rape 5 yr old and film it.

    Fucking Savage Animals!

    EXCLUSIVE: 5-Year-Old Victim’s Father Saw Video of Twin Falls Refugee Rape

    Jimmy Emerson, DVM / Flickr
    by LEE STRANAHAN4 Aug 20162,636
    TWIN FALLS, IDAHO – In a shocking and exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the father of a five-year-old girl that was allegedly raped by refugee children reveals that he watched 30 seconds of a video of the assault taken by one of the three boys charged with the crime. The father also revealed that the parents of the refugee children had urged him not to call the police when he first learned of the attack.

    Additionally, new allegations against a ten-year-old boy who was involved in the June 2 attack were revealed in court on Thursday afternoon, alleging the boy both anally and orally penetrated the five-year-old, in addition to urinating on her, as revealed by the father in the clip below. Previously, it had only been known that a seven-year-old boy had orally penetrated the girl and urinated on her. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER

    The little girl’s parents, concerned about biased media coverage as well as their own personal safety and that of their daughter, have not been interviewed on videotape until this Thursday’s interview with Breitbart News.

    The father told Breitbart News how he’d gotten a call at work saying his daughter had been raped and left to see what had happened:
    Victim’s Father: “I finally got covered and I ran across the street, from my work to my home, and there was just a whole bunch of people outside my apartment, from all families, and I just walked into the apartment and, uh… our… they had, a phone sitting there, and they said yeah, they recorded this, you know. You need to look at this real quick, and I pushed play on that. I watched like thirty seconds.”

    Stranahan: “You watched thirty seconds of what?”

    Victim’s Father: “I watched thirty seconds of a recording that was recorded by the refugee boys of what they…”

    Stranahan: “So you’ve seen that video?”

    Victim’s Father: “Yes.”

    Stranahan: “Wow, that’s… I… I hadn’t heard that.”

    Victim’s Mother: “I haven’t seen it. I just can’t.”

    Victim’s Father: “With her anxiety and with her condition I did not allow her to see that. I did not watch the whole thing, like I said, I watched about thirty seconds of it. There was a lot more on there that I did not see. But what I did see is… is horrific for a father to watch for their… for that thing. And so after I watched all that, I came outside, trying to keep my composure because that whole family was still outside my apartment, you know, they were trying to stop us from calling the police, pleading with us.”

    Stranahan: “The refugee family was trying to stop you from calling the police?”

    Victim’s Father: “Yes. They were pleading with us, saying everything was okay, they did nothing wrong, you know – ‘No police! No police!’ – because they did not speak… they speak Arabic, so they had very few words that they can actually…”

    Stranahan: “And had they seen the video?”

    Victim’s Mother: “No.”

    Victim’s Father: “Um, when I watched what I watched, the older brother of the boy that filmed it, or, one of the brothers to the boys, he came in behind me and watched what I watched as well.”

    Stranahan: “Now how old is he? He’s an adult, or?”

    Victim’s Father: “He looked like he was in his late teens.”

    Stranahan: “Okay.”

    Victim’s Mother: “But the mother had not seen it, no.”

    Victim’s Father: “Yeah, nobody else had seen it. From [the victim’s mother’s] point of view, when they brought the video, the boy that did do the recording, he came to her with this saying, you know, he did nothing wrong – ‘Oh, hey, I filmed it, here you go, I did nothing wrong’ – you know, he stood outside my apartment the whole time – ‘I didn’t do nothing wrong, I just filmed it, nothing wrong at all’.”

    Stranahan: “So you watched thirty seconds of the video and it was clear to you from the thirty seconds that you saw what was – thirty seconds was enough for you to see what was going on?”

    Victim’s Father: “Thirty seconds showed them in the laundry room, they pulled my daughter around, pushed her up against the wall, pulled her pants off, he dropped his pants, he was trying to get her from behind, you know, they only… no, for the boy that was trying to do it he was, you know, he was only seven to nine years old, so not a lot of… he didn’t know what he was really doing, as you’d expect. My daughter didn’t really, was trying to fight him a little bit, she finally got away, pulled her pants up, ran around to the side of a corner, ran inside a washing machine, hunched down, shaking in fear, while he danced around with his pants down, laughing at her, pointing at her, with all the other boys – you could hear them in the background, doing the same thing – and that’s all I watched. Because after that I was just… man, I don’t want to see any more of this. If I do, I’m gonna do something I shouldn’t do.”

    Stranahan: “Could you tell how long the clip was? You only watched thirty seconds, but did you see how long it was?”

    Victim’s Father: “I didn’t check. I know it was a couple minutes.”

    Stranahan: “A couple minutes.”

    Victim’s Father: “I know there was a lot more that happened that was told to me by the prosecutor who had watched the video. More after that, you know, he went back to her, tried doing the front, he, um… oral sex with, you know, oral with her, he shoved it in her mouth…”

    Victim’s Mother: “Which is considered a rape.”

    Victim’s Father: “He peed all over her in her mouth, all over her body, her face, head… you know, totally defiled her, I mean…”

    Stranahan: “Yeah.”

    Victim’s Father: “So I know it had to be more than a minute or two for that to happen. And after he was all done, like I was saying, um, before the lady walked in and stopped him, the next-older boy had gotten– removed his clothes, and was getting ready to…”

    Stranahan: “Join?”

    Victim’s Father: “Join. And that’s when she walked in and stopped it.
    The case, which has largely been ignored or dismissed by the mainstream media, has created a political firestorm as pro- and anti-immigration proponents have clashed about the assault in an election year where the candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump has brought immigration and refugee issues to the forefront of national political discussion. Although the establishment press has given little time to the story that does not fit the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s narrative on refugees and immigration, the story has caused a stir on right-leaning media through the work of activists like Pamela Geller. Read More Stories About:

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    Stand Your Ground in Idaho ? This aint fvcking France you throwbacks !


      "The father also revealed that the parents of the refugee children had urged him not to call the police when he first learned of the attack."

      I kind of have to agree with the parents of the poor refugee children here.
      I know I might get some disagreement here but as the boatowner used to say, she was too young to really be effected by the rape.

      The young kids that did this awfukl thing just didn'tunderstand that it's inappropriate by western standards. They are from a different culture and have had a traumatic time growing up and escaping a war torn zone.
      We have to understand they have different values and as a multicultural society we must adjust our system to be more inclusive of them
      I think calling the police was a little hasty.

      The father should have cut off their cocks and beat them to death with them. Then maybe called the police.
      Stand trial. Not enough Muslims and Liberals in Idaho to get a conviction I'd bet.
      "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luther King, Jr.


        Castrate the perpetrators, and immediately put the families on a slow boat back to whence they came!
        Enough already!


          I'd be in jail on a multiple homicide and dismemberment charges. Nobody touches my little girl without hell coming with me. Period. Dont give a fuck, not one fuck if you harm my little precious angel I'll fucking take out your blood line.

          The fact that this man hasn't says a lot. Fuck every last one of those mother fuckers who did that crime. And I hope a lynch mob is in their future.


            Nothing that a baseball bat won't fix. That will give them a real taste of western civilization.
            Give peace a chance, I'll cover you in case that doesn't work out.

            LIBERALISM should be classified as a MENTAL DISORDER!


              No, of course no police..... If there's a report, then dad is going to be the first suspect when the boy, his brother, his father start disappearing.

              Due Process...... Now here's a thought about Due Process. sit the POS in a room, and put any reasonable man across the table from him. Give him a loaded gun and the phone with the video. Press "play" and let due process take its course.
              I'm sickened that something like this - on video - will take months of maneuvering by lawyers, hours torturing the little girl, making her testify about it (which will ensure she never can forget it and move on) and other bullshit - when all it takes is one person watching the video to due the right thing.


                If someone did that to my 5 year old daughter my discussion with the boy and his family would put me in jail for the rest of my life.


                  Originally posted by MossbergMan View Post
                  If someone did that to my 5 year old daughter my discussion with the boy and his family would put me in jail for the rest of my life.
                  A shotgun and a huge amount of ammo would have been part of the discussion on my behalf.


                    very simple...Target practice. Every last one of them! Then call Barry to come cleanup his fucking mess!!!


                      No police? NO POLICE? Ok, no police. The hand guard on my SKS would have caught fire.


                        I cannot mentally conceive what my reaction would be to anyone who did that to my little girl. I THINK that all the dark places in my mind would open up at once.


                          I would have heeded the parents wishes and not called the police. However, I don't think they would like the way I handled it.


                            They'd never find the bodies!


                              If you really want to get mad!!!!

                              Wendy J. Olson, the U.S. attorney for Idaho, indicated in a statement Friday that Idahoans who spread “false or inflammatory information” about the alleged Muslim perpetrators may be subject to prosecution.