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More Goat crime this time a statue

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    More Goat crime this time a statue

    NATION NOW Pa. man armed with rotten pizza, chain and goat statue attacks police

    BlakeDavidTaylor, Getty Images/iStockphoto

    A man angry about his impounded car attacked police yesterday in Pennsylvania.

    Ashley May | USA TODAY3 hours ago
    Yesterday, a man unwilling to pay towing fees for his impounded car attacked a Pennsylvania police officer using a chain, a statue of Pan (a goat god) and a rotten pizza.

    Police arrested Sean Mulloy about a week ago for drunk driving and his car was impounded. When he was released, he refused to pay the towing company to release his car. But that didn't stop him from asking police to pay it for him on several occasions, said James Drury, chief of police at Dallas Borough Police Department.

    Around noon yesterday, Mulloy walked up to the police department carrying a rotten pizza, a chain and a statue of a goat god. He wrapped the chain around the railing of the entrance of the police station.

    "We believe he was trying to trip a police officer," Drury said.


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    When a veteran police officer did walk out, Mulloy attacked him, punching the officer twice in the head and wrestling him to the ground, according to police. The officer, who later went to the hospital for a serious elbow injury, was able to get to his radio and call for help, Drury said.

    The pizza he brought wasn't used in the fight, Drury said.

    "I really don’t know what his thinking was with the pizza," Drury said.

    Police arrested Mulloy again, this time for assault. He's in the Luzerne County jail awaiting trail, without his car.

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    "I really don’t know what his thinking was with the pizza," Drury said.

    That my friends is a great quote. It implies that he totally gets the Goat God thing, but wasting good pizza is out of control!

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